PBB housemate Madam Inutz receives house and lot from her manager Wilbert Tolentino

PBB housemate Madam Inutz receives house and lot from her manager Wilbert Tolentino

MANILA—There’s no stopping Daisy Lopez or better known as “Madam Inutz”,  also dubbed “Ang Mama-bentang Live Seller ng Cavite” as she soars high in her showbiz career. And this is with the solid support and guidance from her manager, former Gay World titlist turned businessman, social media influencer and philanthropist Wilbert Tolentino.

Madam Inutz with her vibrant personality, was included as one of the housemates of PBB Kumunity Season 10. She was one of the first three official housemates that entered the PBB House.

Prior to her joining the PBB, Madam Inutz has released her debut single “Inutil” (hence her Inutz monicker) and also recorded her next song just in time for the holiday season, “Sangkap ng Pasko.” “Inutil”  is a novelty song while “Sangkap ng Pasko” is a ballad, a heart-warming song perfect and relatable for every Filipino family. It has been a part of our tradition to celebrate the Christmas season together without fail, no matter what we are going through.

“Promise, iiyak kayo sa song na ito. Sobrang mata-touch ang mga Pinoy. Sobrang makare-relate sila na ang sangkap o ingredient ng Pasko ay ang pagmamahal sa pamilya,” said Ka-Freshness Wilbert Tolentino.

Even when the mother of Madam Inutz heard the song, “Sangkap ng Pasko”, she got so emotional, it was indeed tears of joy, as she felt the strong message of the lyrics coupled with happiness for her daughter’s achievements.

You can now watch the official music video of “Sangkap ng Pasko” on the Official YouTube Channel of Daisy Lopez.

On top of her recordings, her manager also dubbed Ka-Freshness Wilbert Tolentino gave Madam Inutz another stream of surprise believing she and her family truly deserve it.

So before joining the PBB, Madam Inutz received her early Christmas gift from her manager Wilbert, a house and lot in Bulacan.

In Wilbert Tolentino Vlogs, you can watch how Madam Inutz cried for joy upon learning the biggest surprise she received this year. It was another turning point and milestone achieved and she profusely thanked her very generous manager Wilbert.

“Huwag ka na umiyak. Deserved mo ‘yan, deserved mo ito,” said Ka-Freshness Wilbert.

According to Wilbert, this is also a motivational gift for Madam Inutz so that she will focus more on her work and will push herself to do her best inside the PBB house.

The lot in Bulacan is 88 square meters, the house would have a floor area of 55 square meters. It still needs some beautification and renovation and will be done while Madam Inutz is currently inside PBB.

Wilbert plans to build the house with three floors so that the whole family can fit and will also put up a sari-sari store for the family’s business. It is viable for the residents in the area and their location is very accessible since it is near the main entrance of their subdivision.

Sir Wil said that Madam Inutz sacrificed a lot of endorsements when she decided to enter PBB, saying, “Puwede naman siyang kumita sa labas although pinili ko na ipasok siya sa PBB.”

Sir Wil has a lot of plans for the career development of Madam Inutz and this makes her fans happy knowing she  will have amazing projects ahead. Even the netizens who misjudged Sir Wil in the past for handling Madam Inutz’s career are now in full support and are also very thankful she is in the right hands. Sir Wil is not just a manager to Madam Inutz handling her career but he will also look after the welfare and future of her family.

Congrats Madam Inutz and Wilbert Tolentino!

Should there be inquiries and product endorsements, they may call or text 09175INUTIL / 09175468845 or email sa dlinutil@gmail.com.

Be updated with the latest videos of Ka-Freshness on Wilbert Tolentino VLOGS YouTube chanel and Daisy Lopez YouTube channel.

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