Pangasinan town inoculates 73% of eligible population

Pangasinan town inoculates 73% of eligible population

SAN NICOLAS, Pangasinan – This town is the first local government unit in Pangasinan nearing population protection against the coronavirus disease 2019 (Covid-19) as it reached 73 percent in its first dose in the vaccination rollout.

“The local government of San Nicolas is nearing to achieve population protection (herd immunity) with 17,437 out of 23,759 total eligible population vaccinated against Covid-19,” Mayor Alicia Primicias-Enriquez said in an Executive Order No. 35 posted on Tuesday.
Enriquez said some 13,236 or 56 percent out of 23,759 individuals are now fully vaccinated.

Meanwhile, the municipality has started to inoculate its pediatric population.

“The municipality is now under the ‘unrestricted’ classification, which means that restrictions have been loosened following the provincial executive order signed by Governor Amado I. Espino III,” Enriquez said.

As of November 1, the town registered only 20 active cases, a significant decrease from the 90 cases in the first week of October. (PNA)

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