PFP backs Bongbong against nuisance petition

PFP backs Bongbong against nuisance petition

Partido Federal ng Pilipinas on Friday called the petition seeking to cancel or deny the Certificate of Candidacy of its standard-bearer Ferdinand ‘Bongbong’ Marcos Jr., as nothing but a ‘nuisance’ case.

PFP General Counsel Atty. George Briones viewed the petition as a desperate move by some groups trying to derail Bongbong’s candidacy for president in next year’s elections.

Briones also referred to the petition as a mere “scrap of paper” since the petitioners failed to attach a certified true copy of a final judgment showing Marcos was guilty of a crime involving moral turpitude.

He added that before the Comelec allows the petition to proceed and ask the respondent [Marcos] to comment, the poll body should at least order the petitioners to provide an ‘actionable document’.

“Before the Comelec gives due course to the petition and requires the respondent to answer or comment to the petition, they must at the very least order the petitioners to attach a certified true copy of this final judgment to their petition. For how can the respondent intelligently answer the petition, if the judgment upon which his alleged ineligibility is based is not even attached to it?” Atty. Briones asked.

“Clearly, this petition is just a nuisance,” he added.

“Since the penalty or penalties you are looking for in the Decision of the Court of Appeals are not there, then Marcos, Jr. is eligible to be a candidate for President and did not commit a crime involving moral turpitude. That CA decision has long been final. It is now immutable and cannot be changed to favor this nuisance suit,” Atty. Briones explained.

Meanwhile, Marcos’s chief of staff, Atty. Vic Rodriguez, said the petition filed against BBM is just part of the dirty tactics being used by his opponents.

“Kitang-kita ng sambayanang Pilipino na patuloy ang pang-aapi ng iba’t-ibang grupong dilawan kay Presidential aspirant Bongbong Marcos,” Rodriguez said.

“Let’s not play along the propaganda line of the yellow-wannabe political assassins,” he said.

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