Shameless Hypocrite

Shameless Hypocrite

A lie keeps growing and growing until it’s as clear as the nose on your face.

— The Blue Fairy in the much-loved story of Pinocchio.

CAN you imagine President Rodrigo Duterte’s spokesman, lawyer Herminio ‘Harry’ Roque Jr., as a member of the International Law Commission (ILC) which functions as an adjunct to the United Nations (UN) in initiating studies and making recommendations for the purpose of encouraging the progressive development of international law and its clarification?

The Confederation of Lawyers of Asia and the Pacific (CoLAP) certainly do not agree with HIS nomination to the prestigious body, tagging Roque’s bid an unmitigated insult—a “disservice to all the victims of human rights violations . . . under the regime of President Duterte.”

Reports said that Duterte’s mouthpiece had recently gone to New York with his wife in tow to allegedly boost his chances for election to the 34-member commission even as he dreams of being among the eight lucky lawyers from the Asia-Pacific region to join the ILC for five years in Geneva, Switzerland, and ensconced among other legal luminaries from all over the globe in January 2023.

It was also said that Roque’s trip was deemed “official business” and so all the expenses he incurred that were considered pertinent to the ‘junket’ were funded and paid for courtesy of taxpayers’ money.

But why did he need to spend precious dollars to ‘campaign’? It’s really shameless of him to believe that the election by the UN General Assembly could be swayed by his (good!?) looks and rhetoric—similar to what his boss loves to do in using invectives in his speeches and pronouncements but later on claim them as mere jokes?

And to think he would even hope to get elected. For a fact, the highest ever office he could ever hope to get ‘voted’ for here in the Philippines would be as representative of a party-list group with the knowledge that this merciful mechanism in our electoral system is designed for the benefit of those who are generally deemed ‘undesirable’ and ‘unelectable’.

Moreover, since he had been appointed spokesman, many Filipinos see him as the ‘Palace Pinocchio’—this for his uncanny ability to twist the truth in almost everything that comes between his ears. I wouldn’t be surprised if soon he’d be sporting similarly the long ears of a donkey and the long nose of the world’s beloved puppet.

Remember the time when he scored on China’s “creeping invasion” of our territories in the West Philippine Sea (WPS), including those under international law were granted to us with exclusive economic rights? He even branded China as a ‘rogue state’ because of this, and yet, just when everyone thought his patriotism was beyond question, he quickly changed color and is now virtually moonlighting as China’s mouthpiece—justifying Chinese incursions into the disputed WPS region as nothing but “gestures of neighborly concern and friendliness.”

It wouldn’t be a surprise if his future colleagues in the ILC (should he get elected by some quirk of fate) are ridiculing the Philippines for having nominated one who talks with a forked tongue as its best candidate to the commission.

And how could one such as him be called an ‘international law expert’ when he should have been fired already by his boss for gross incompetence and ignorance of international law?

I guess we can say that he is so drunk with his delusions and ambition that he has the flippancy to consider the basic tenets of international law would fit his own selfish agenda.

I only met Atty. Roque once and I would think he wouldn’t even remember that moment when we sat eye-to-eye in a media forum a long time ago. He was just an attention-seeking lawyer then who had nothing to his name while I was a sleepy-eyed member of the Fourth Estate who was really getting bored about his rhetoric. For me, look at his puffy face and thinning hair, he exuded his true personality of being a shameless hypocrite.


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