Taiwan now allows entry of Filipino workers starting this week

Taiwan now allows entry of Filipino workers starting this week

By Ernie Reyes

MANILA — After a lockdown of six months since May 22, 2021, imposed by
Taiwan, which prevented OFWs from reaching their jobs due to a surge in
cases in Taiwan and with Covid cases which gone down considerably with
only 16,500 cases and only 850 deaths the country’s Central Epidemic
Command Center (CECC) similar to the Philippines IATF has agreed to
allow the entry of migrant workers to the island nation.

Taiwan’s Ministry of Labor appealed to the CECC to allow the entry of
migrant workers due to the lack of skilled manpower in massive
construction activities and under-manned factories assembling
electronic products.

More than 270 factories from mainland China have transferred their
operations to Taiwan due to the worsening economic situation in China and
power shortages.
Around 4,000 Filipino workers who were issued visas before the May 22
lockdown will be able to join the companies who contracted for their
services by next week.

More than 20,000 more OFWs will be allowed to enter Taiwan after the
Chinese New Year in 2022 from Feb. 1-6 after the temporary deployment
ban period in Taiwan from Dec. 14, 2021, until Feb. 6, 2022, with the
influx of 40,000 Taiwanese citizens who are will arrive for the
celebrations of the Chinese New Year and they will be needing the
hotels and quarantine sites.

Taiwan is the most sought after overseas job for our OFWs for the past
30 years as it gives the highest compensation for blue-collar workers
with very generous social insurance benefits.

At present, there are about 180,000 OFWs in the country the highest
country group working in Taiwan followed by Thailand and Vietnam.

In the meantime 20,000 OFWs who were supposed to finish their
contracts last May 2021 benefitted from the lockdown in May when they
were given an extension of their contracts allowing them to earn more
with unlimited overtime due to the high demand for electronic products.

Also due to the very high demand for factory workers Filipino caretakers
who had finished their contracts transferred their services to the
factories because of the higher salaries offered by the electronic

Annual deployment to Taiwan before the pandemic according to the
latest 2019 POEA stats is around 60,000 to include new and re-hires.

Right now COVID cases in Taiwan are at 16,500 with only 850 deaths
with very strict quarantine rules and the country has tested more than
4,500,000 citizens, (ai/mtvn)

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