3-day nat’l vaxx drive a big push to reach ‘jabless’ workers, says Villanueva

3-day nat’l vaxx drive a big push to reach ‘jabless’ workers, says Villanueva

By Ernie Reyes

MANILA — The government’s planned three-day national vaccination
drive from Nov. 29 to Dec. 1 is the “booster shot” needed to spike
inoculation numbers, which nine months after the first shot was
administered have yet to hit 50 percent of the target.

This “one time big time” approach is what we need, Sen. Joel
Villanueva said, adding that “grand mobilizations” can draw “the
hesitant and the unreached” to vaccination centers.

He said one priority group should be workers and job applicants “as
their getting a job hastens the financial recovery not only of their
families but of the entire economy as well.”

One way of reaching unvaccinated people who are “outside the digital
wall” is for the government to launch vaccination caravans that will
sweep through workplaces and neighborhoods “with no or poor broadband

Villanueva believes the turnout will be bigger “if every presidential
candidate will command their followers to support the planned
three-day event.”

“Yan po ang araw na pwede magkaroon ng caravan at motorcade ang mga
supporters ng mga presidentiables na hindi lang magpapalaganap ng
impormasyon, pero pwedeng maghatid-sundo na rin sa mga magpapabakuna,”
he said.

“Vaccination transcends political lines and color, and the combined
persuasive powers of aspirants for the highest office of the land can
break down vaccine reluctance,” Villanueva said. (ai/mtvn)

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