By Arwen Pascua

MANILA — Following the minor reorganization of police official occupying key positions, Philippine National Police Chief, Police General Guillermo Lorenzo T Eleazar today formally installed Police Brig. Gen. Gregory B Bogñalbal as Director of the PNP Highway Patrol Group.

“I am confident that a sustained and stringent enforcement of traffic laws and regulations geared to eradicate carnapping, recover carnapped motor vehicles, and apprehend traffic law violators through well-coordinated and joint operations with territorial units of the PNP and other partner agencies will be implemented under PBGEN Bogñalbal’s leadership”, said PGen Eleazar.

A member of the PNP Academy Class of 1994, PBGen Bogñalbal served the Special Action Force as the Operations Chief and provincial director of the Quirino Police Provincial Office. He also became the Senior Executive Assistant of the Office of the Chief PNP prior to his designation as HPG Director.

“As the Highway Czar and being the PNP’s cutting edge in ensuring safer and secure highways and streets in the country, may the HPG always be ready to respond to the citizens under threat or those calling for assistance. Effective law enforcement demands that the PNP should step up in ensuring the safety and security of the public to walk the streets unharmed and prevent criminally inclined the opportunity from consummating their criminal intentions” PGEN Eleazar added.

PBGen Bogñalbal replaced PBGen.Alexander Tagum was named as the new regional director of the Police Regional Office 12. (ai/mtvn)

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