Tanay in the New Second District of Rizal is PH’s next big thing after Tagaytay, Baguio — Cong Omar Fajardo

Tanay in the New Second District of Rizal is PH’s next big thing after Tagaytay, Baguio — Cong Omar Fajardo

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By Amado Inigo

TANAY, Rizal — Longing for the sweet smell of Pine trees and the cold balmy weather yet held back by the thought of the distance and the horrendous traffic, dream no further as you can experience them all here now plus the dreamy experience of flying as you stare down a sea of clouds.

Cong. Omar Fajardo confers with teachers during the turnover of modules he donated for free to New Second District of Rizal students on Monday, 08 November 2021. Fajardo says the New D2 has a lot to offer for eco-tourism enthusiasts and sports lovers alike.

It’s all here in the town of Tanay in the New Second District of Rizal.

Yet, it’s too accessible and the traffic may not be that bothersome.

Add to it the fact that Tanay, in the new Second District of Rizal is but a scant 57 kilometers away from ground zero Luneta Park in Manila.

Indeed, one would already enjoy on their trip up to Tanay as traversing the Marikina-Infanta Highway, visitors would already get a glimpse of a sea of clouds over lush, towering mountains of Sierra Madre.

Most of the time, especially in the morning before the sun comes up on the eastern horizon or around 7 p.m., thick fog often blankets the Sierra Madre mountain range and can be seen along Marilaque Road or Marikina-Infanta Highway.

But the best area to experience this is when one is already nestled in one of the eco-tourism havens or cottages in the area.

“District 2 has a lot to offer especially to eco-tourism enthusiasts,” former OFW Rep. Omar Fajardo enthused in an exclusive interview with Maharlika TV News.

“Tanay and other towns of District 2 have so much potential for eco-tourism and other business opportunities without necessarily destroying Mother Nature,” added Fajardo who also owns a resort in the town high up in the mountains of Sierra Madre.

“We must help other towns aside from Tanay develop their potentials in the near future,” said Fajardo who is aspiring to be the first Representative of the New District of Rizal.

Aside from Tanay, the new Second District of Rizal is made up of Baras, Cardona, Jala-Jala, Morong, Pililla, and Teresa.

Riders are also known to frequent the area and take photos even as a certain businessman frequents a place known as “Jurassic Park” because, accordingly, the view “looks like the movie” adding that “it’s quite scenic to see something like that.”

The sea of clouds of thick fog in the mountainous area can be experienced by visitors through the “ber” months of September, October, November, December, and until summer.

Because of the presence of thick fogs, seeing bright rainbows in the area poses as an added attraction or bonus plus the night sky that is filled with trillions of stars at night.

“Tinatawag po nila itong mini Tagaytay, mini Baguio, dahil sa view. Tapos ’yung weather, ’yung hangin po talaga, ’yun talagang talagang gusto ng mga turista,” said Rose Ann Bulay, assistant manager at Café Marisse in Tanay, Rizal. (ai/mtvn)

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