Eleazar unites PNP behind Carlos

Eleazar unites PNP behind Carlos

By Arwen Pascua

MANILA — Retiring Philippine National Police Chief Police General Guillermo Lorenzo T Eleazar on Wednesday urged the 222,000-strong officers and rank-and-file personnel of the Philippine National Police to rally behind the leadership of Police General Dionardo B Carlos, who was appointed by President Rodrigo R Duterte as the 27th chief of the uniformed personnel.

“The President has decided, now is the perfect time for the PNP to express our unity and solidarity behind the chain of command as we welcome a new leader who will ensure continuity of command in our organization,” Eleazar said.

“General Carlos possesses all qualifications for the position, and President Duterte found him tailor-fit for the criteria he wants for the Chief PNP,” he said.

“Gen Carlos has this position cut out for him based on his seniority, track record, and professional competence,” Eleazar said.

“As my Chief of Directorial Staff, General Carlos became instrumental in promoting the PNP flagship reform agenda of Intensified Cleanliness Policy by ensuring timely and hands-on implementation of the actionable program by PNP Units”.

“The mission ahead is as huge as the responsibility that rests on the shoulders of General Carlos. I wish him all the best in the new post even as I offer myself in my humble capacity as a retired PNP Chief in whatever assistance I can provide,” he added.

Eleazar will formally relinquish the top PNP post on Friday, November 12, ahead of his 56th birthday, and compulsory retirement date on November 13, 2021, after serving 38 years in the uniformed services. (ai/mtvn)

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