Lacson: Partido Reporma growing to 377k with grassroots focus, thanks to volunteers

Lacson: Partido Reporma growing to 377k with grassroots focus, thanks to volunteers

By Ernie Reyes

MANILA — Partido Reporma is growing steadily and now has 377,000
members nationwide, as party chairman and standard-bearer Panfilo
“Ping” Lacson on Monday praised the work of their volunteers in
reaching the grassroots and explaining their reform advocacy ahead of
the 2022 national elections.

“We are growing, and I am glad to have Partido Reporma behind me,”
Lacson told Karen Davila on ANC’s “Headstart” in an exclusive

“We are now 377,000 strong, and we keep building up by the day. We
have so many volunteers that are focused on the grassroots, on top of
the usual messaging platforms, social media and mainstream media,” the
longtime public servant added.

Partido Reporma’s grassroots campaign is an intangible strength “that
at the proper time will help boost our candidacy,” Lacson told Davila.

The veteran senator said he was not distracted by recent presidential
surveys, preferring to pay more attention “to the efforts of our
people on the ground” and to continue studying the solutions “to the
humongous issues we have right now.”

“At the end of the day, it will be issues that matter,” added the
former national police chief.

When Davila asked if the surveys indicated a slow increase in voter
conversion for Partido Reporma, Lacson said: “Yes, we see that, and we
are encouraged by that.”

He noted a recent visit to Cebu province, which has 3.2 million voters
and is still considered up for grabs by contenders in the May 9
elections next year.

“We paid a courtesy call on Governor Gwen (Garcia) and she was
gracious enough to accept us, to welcome us, just like what she does
with other candidates na pumupunta sa (who go to) Cebu. And to us,
that’s good enough because, you know, you are graciously welcomed by
the chief executive of the province… And para payagan kami (for her to
allow us) [to] do our thing, as long as we do not violate the health
protocols in Cebu, that’s more than good enough for us,” Lacson said.

The Partido Reporma chairman and his running mate Vicente Sotto III
are coming off back-to-back “Online Kumustahan” activities in Bacolod
City and San Fernando, Pampanga over the weekend. Thousands warmly
received the veteran lawmakers and their reform agenda in socially
distanced gatherings and in online channels broadcast to nearby areas. (ai/mtvn)

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