I Cry Like A Torrent

I Cry Like A Torrent

Journalist Jerry Sia Yap

By Tracy Cabrera, November 17, 2021

I cry like a torrent
With the loss of a friend
His death was so sudden 
I just don’t comprehend
Why he has to go fast
And leave many of us
Without single adieu
And no goodbyes, too
He hid what had ailed him
Appearing healthy it seems
And yet deep within himself
He knew what he really felt
Nagging at his body cold
The pain that was foretold
So I cry in torrents
River of tears indents
Across my weathered face
That once was smooth as lace
I cry again in torrents
For the sad loss of my friend
I didn’t know it would end
So sudden, without a sign
I call out to the heavens
Praying he’d reach out and mind
What people would say of him
Now that he’s gone on a whim
A whisper of a cold wind
That warms the soul in the end
Truly life has mysteries
We simply cannot attempt
To understand like the most 
Of us who know not the cost
Of losing a friend and kin
While our patience grows thin
Wondering why it comes to this
And sadness becomes our bliss
I cry once more in torrents
Knowing the sadness it brings
I cry again and again
‘Til my heart begins to sing
So I bid my friend goodbye
Hoping that I won’t cry
Torrents of anguished tears
Bereaved and sad with no cheer. 

Author’s Note: Jerry Sia Yap, a journalist, died just a few days ago. He was my friend, kumpadre and the ninong of my anak Karin. It’s a great loss for us who considered him part of the family and someone you can always trust.

A brief sketch of Hataw publisher and businessman Jerry Sia Yap

Businessman Jerry Sia Yap, the publisher of the popular tabloid Hataw! Dyaryo ng Bayan, was quite the entrepreneur during his heyday as a local importer and trader who is known initially in media circles as their supporter and sponsor in many efforts and projects aimed at enriching and uplifting the lives of the common newspaperman and other media practitioners.

It was when he took over the helm of his pet tabloid Hataw when he barged officially into the tumultuous world of journalism and right there and then he got into the profession like “a duck to water.”

He is originally from Tayabas, Quezon, and in relocating to Metro Manila, he was able to get formal education at the University of the East in the area known as the University Belt in the City of Manila. From there he delved into trading and importation by putting up his own companies while eyeing to eventually enter his passion to write and report the news by taking over his own newspaper and publishing house.

As Hataw’s publisher, he wrote a daily column (Bulabugin) which was likewise reprinted in three other tabloids—Police Files Tonite, X-Files, and Customs Chronicle. But more importantly that being a journalist and publisher, Yap founded the group known as ALAM (Alab ng Mamamahayag), where he was recognized as its founding national chairman, during the time he was president of the National Press Club of the Philippines (NPC) from 2010 to 2012. Prior to his presidency, he was a number one director of the NPC from 2004 to 2010 and the Club’s treasurer after he stepped down as its president in 2012.


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