Eleazar asks new PNP chief Carlos to investigate assault against police sergeant

Eleazar asks new PNP chief Carlos to investigate assault against police sergeant

By Tracy Cabrera

MANILA — Just over a week from retiring as Philippine National Police (PNP) chief, Partido Reporma senatorial bet Guillermo Eleazar had to seek action from his successor, Lieutenant General Dionardo Bernard Carlos as he urged the latter to conduct an investigation over the serious physical abuse done by a police colonel on his subordinate who is reportedly going to go blind in one eye due to the assault.

Responding to Eleazar’s request, the newly installed PNP chief, who is just about a week in his post as the country’s new ‘top cop’, has quickly ordered a thorough investigation of the incident wherein Master Sergeant Ricky Brabante was attacked without provocation by Col. Dulandan Dulnuan Dinamling Jr. of the PNP’s Aviation Security Unit 5.

Carlos assured Eleazar that justice will be given to Brabante and likewise informed his predecessor that he had already ordered the immediate relief of Dinamling from Aviation 5 just a day after the incident and pending investigation on his unprovoked assault on a junior officer and fellow policeman.

Based on initial reports, Dinamling had attacked Brabante without apparent reason while the latter was cleaning the area at the office of the Regional Mobile Force Battalion 5 in Camp Ola where a celebration was held among its rank and file and with the presence of some of its officials.

Brabante narrated that before the attack, he had noticed some junior officers who were out in the rain so he told them to proceed to a nearby tent where they could wait for the downpour to end.

However, he did not notice that one of them was speaking to Dinamling and when the junior officer left for the tent, this could have angered the visibly drunk Aviation 5 commanding officer.

Unaware of this, Brabante who was then cleaning the party venue was suddenly assaulted by Dinamling, initially with a broken wine glass and then with a broken bottle. Due to the injuries he sustained, Brabante may now lose his right eye which doctors said had ‘popped’ because of severe trauma.

Emphatizing with the non-commissioned officer, Eleazar took the occasion to reiterate his advocacy of cleansing the whole PNP organization to weed out errant cops either by booting them out of the service or having them undergo psychiatric reevaluation and retraining before they can rejoin active duty.

The 26th PNP chief stressed that incidents like what had happened to Brabante proves the need for innovation and reform in the national police force which for a long time had been the object of ridicule by the public due to the involvement of policeman in cases of abuse (of authority), crime and illegal activities—although these are few in number.

“Kaya nga ngayon sa pagtakbo ko bilang senador, ito ang pagtutuunan ko, ang maging disiplinado at propesyonal ang ating kapulisan para maibalik natin ang tiwala at respeto ng mamamayan sa PNP at sa gayon ay matupad natin ang mandato nila na magsilbi at bigyan ng seguridad ang publiko,” he ended saying.

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