18 more cops recover from COVID-19; active cases down to 97

18 more cops recover from COVID-19; active cases down to 97

By Arwen Pascua

MANILA — Active cases of COVID-19 among members of the Philippine National Police fell further to a double-digit figure on Monday consistent with the national downward trend of COVID-19 infections noted by the Department of Health.

PNP Chief, Police General Dionardo B Carlos, citing COVID-19 case updates released by the PNP Health Service said only 97 active cases remain after 18 more PNP patients recovered from the infection, while 11 new cases were reported, comprising three new cases in NCR and eight in other regions.

Among the 97 active cases, 23 are in NCR and 74 in other regions. Three of the active cases are confined in non-PNP hospitals while 94 cases are in isolation facilities.

PNP active cases peaked at 3,217 two months ago in September 17, 2021. A total of 125 PNP personnel have died due to COVID-19 and underlying medical complications since the outbreak of the disease in early 2020.

A total of 41,951 cases have recovered so far among the 42,173 total confirmed cases in the PNP, Carlos said as he noted the 99% vaccination rate in the PNP.

He said a total of 395,634 doses have been administered to 223,653 PNP personnel, 209,642 or 92.87% of whom are now fully-vaccinated while 14,001 or 6.21% have received the initial dose. (ai/mtvn)

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