Liezl Sicangco reacts on daughter Kylie’s interview with dad Robin Padilla

Liezl Sicangco reacts on daughter Kylie’s interview with dad Robin Padilla

MANILA—Liezl Sicangco was carried away with the interview of daughter Kylie Padilla with her father Robin Padilla.

Kylie and Robin had a heart-to-heart talk with each other in the actress’ YouTube channel recently. Kylie titled the interview “The conversation I never had with my Papa.”

The father and daughter reminisced their relationship since Kylie was a child until today.  From their conversation, it was obvious that they have a strong bond as father and daughter.

To promote the video interview with her father, Kylie posted it on her Instagram to the delight of the netizens who commented on the post.

One of those who commented was Liezl Sicangco, Robin’s ex-wife.

Liezl said that she was moved by the father and daughter’s conversation. There were moments when Robin and Kylie talked about Liezl and their family.

Liezl commented: “OMGee! Natawa ako at naiyak. Good job [double hearts emojis].”

Kylie answered back: “i love you mother dearrrr”

To which Liezl replied: “I love you more [kiss with heart and rose emojis].”Kylie is one of the four children of Liezl and Robin, the other three are Queenie, Zhen-Zhen and Ali.

The eldest, Queenie was born in 1991, but they only got married in 1996 while Robin was inside the Bilibid Prison.

He was jailed in 1994 for illegal possession of firearms and was sentenced to eight-year imprisonment but he was released after four years after he was given the conditional pardon by former President Fidel V. Ramos.

Robin recalls life with Liezl and their family

During the interview, Robin—once dubbed the Bad Boy of Philippine movies— said that the turning point in his life was when he started having a family.

Robin shared with Kylie, “Nung dumating na kayo, nari-realize ko, ‘Aba, hindi ako puwedeng mautas ngayon. Hindi ako puwedeng mawala ngayon, kasi papano ‘tong mga batang iyon?’

“At nung time naman na iyon na, nagde-decide na akong mag-lay low.”

Despite his imprisonment in 1994, Robin has decided to fix his life for his family.

“Kaya yun, very timely talaga iyon. Yung pagkakakulong ko, very timely para sa mama mo din,” the action star said.

In fact, according to Robin, his imprisonment has a big role in his relationship with Liezl.

“Yun siguro yung best days namin, e, yung nakakulong ako. Kaya answered prayer iyon.

“Dun din kami nagpakasal ng mama mo. Nung dumating kayo sa buhay namin.

“Kasi kahit mama mo noon, gangster din. Alam naman niya iyon!” Robin laughingly said.

He added, “Ngayon naman, lumalabas pa rin pagka-gangster ng mama mo.”

Kylie agreed, “Yes, I know. Lumalabas talaga.”

Kylie also mentioned that the “unconventional” upbringing her father did to her has a big influence in her life.

Now that she is also a parent, she fully understands what her father and her mother went through in the past. Kylie also said that she wants to follow Robin’s ways in raising her children.

Kylie has two boys with her estranged husband Aljur Abrenica—Alas, 3, at Axl, 1.(ECD/MTVN)

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