Duterte orders mandatory vaccination for both public, private sector employees

Duterte orders mandatory vaccination for both public, private sector employees

By Glen S. Ramos

MANILA — With the potent Omicron variant looming on the horizon, President Duterte issued a directive to the Inter-Agency Task Force on the Management of Emerging Infectious Diseases (IATF-MEID) making anti-Covid jabs mandatory for both public and private employees.

The resolution issued by the IATF-MEID orders β€œfor a whole-of-government solution to increase the demand for COVID-19 vaccination, regardless of brand, for a healthier and resilient Philippines.”

It further added that “the vaccination of all employees in the public and private sectors is hereby made MANDATORY. This resolution shall be enforced effective December 1, 2021.”

The resolution also stressed that employees who cannot present proof of vaccination will not be allowed to report for work.

“In view hereof, all unvaccinated employees are formally advised that, unless you can provide us proof of your vaccination, you shall not be allowed to report for work and entry into the branch beginning on the effective date mentioned above” it said.

“You can only return to work upon presentation of a negative RT-PCR result. Moreover, if you remain unvaccinated, you will henceforth be required to submit a negative RT-PCR result every two (2) weeks. If you fail to meet this requirement, you will not be allowed again to report for work.”
Partially vaccinated employees, whose schedule for the second dose of their vaccine has already lapsed, are likewise required to undergo and submit a negative RT-PCR test result every two (2) weeks until they acquire full vaccination status.

The IATF also said absence of employees because of their failure to submit proof of vaccination and/or a negative RT-PCR result, their absences will be automatically charged to sick leave credits.

And in the event that sick leaves are no longer available, the company may apply available vacation leaves. In case that neither SL nor VL is available, the no-work no-pay rule shall apply.
But to give ample time for unvaccinated employees to secure a negative RT-PCR result, the mandatory submission of this requirement will be enforced effective December 4, 2021.

The directive also said that unvaccinated employees who will fail to submit a negative RT-PCR result shall not be allowed to report to work starting December 4.

For reference and for further details on the resolution mandating full vaccination of onsite workers, parties are advised to visit the IATF website (doh.gov.ph/COVID-19/IATF-Resolutions) and read up on IATF Resolutions 148-B and 149.

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