Gretchen Barretto’s verified Instagram account deactivated

Gretchen Barretto’s verified Instagram account deactivated

MANILA—Gretchen Barretto wondered why her verified Instagram account was suddenly deactivated recently.

Her account was deleted and she could not find it anymore. She has 1.7 million followers.

Her daughter Dominique Cojuangco appealed to her followers on her Instagram.

Dominique said, “Does anyone work for @meta / @instagram who can help me with my mum’s Instagram account? It disappeared. Please DM me!”

Gretchen has to create a temporary account while her old verified IG has not been recovered. In a video which Gretchen uploaded recently, she called out to her supporters to follow her temporary IG account.

She posted, “Hi, I’m Gretchen Barretto, follow this username, gretchen_barretto. That’s my temporary account.”

In another video, Gretchen said that she was wondering why her IG account suddenly disappeared.

“This is my new IG account. As you all know, my other account has been deactivated, I don’t know why.”

At present, her temporary account has already 11.7-K followers and she has eight posts.

Dominique has no update yet as to the status or recovery of her mother’s Instagram account.

Her IG account is very important to Gretchen because that is where she posts all her activities particularly her new hobby, cockfighting.

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