Having Faith in God

Having Faith in God

To have faith is to be sure of the things we hope for, to be certain of the things we cannot see.

— Hebrews 11:1

I AM not a church-going Catholic who regularly attends mass every Sunday although I was educated in a Benedictine school on Mendiola Street in Manila. But I am not an atheist and I do believe in God.

In most cases, my life’s decisions I leave it all to God and I have that uncanny skill of knowing when God is talking to me or sending me a message through the most unusual ways—like simple everyday happenings and at times by way of an unexpected messenger whose words of advice to some fall unnoticed because the person who said them looked beneath our station.

Suffice it to say, though, that I believe God is everything to me and often my decisions are founded on his divine grace and not on human turpitude.

And God really talks to us—however mysterious they may seem—and all we have to do is listen to Him and all would be well. He really does miracles for us but for most people, they seem to forget He really is there for us to answer our prayers.

Let me give you an example—or several examples.

Way back in 1989, I felt unfulfilled in life because I was always hunting for a job, insisting that I was good at drawing and doing illustrations for private firms and individuals. So I prayed to God, asking Him to give me a profession that I would really love. And then I had a dream, which the next morning I did on paper—hoping I would be able to sell it and earn a few bucks.

But I was unsure whether someone or some company would become takers to my creation: a puzzle which I titled ‘Alam Ba Ninyo?’ and delved on asking readers to guess what animal was silhouetted as a clue to a question I posed inside my puzzle-box. A friend in my Bible group, Bong Clemente, liked it and he suggested to me to offer it to another friend, Mr. Badong Bigay, who was then one of the execs in the newspaper Daily Globe.

I prayed the rosary when Mr. Bigay discussed my offering with his colleagues and lo and behold! They accepted it and consequently paid me PhP25 a day for it.

A few months later, I eventually transferred to the Journal Group of Publications and after ninth months landed a study job as a police reporter for Times Journal. All of these happened, I believe, with the grace of God.

But what I want to narrate to you now is something more appealing to those who have utmost faith in the Divine Father. 30 years after I became a writer, I have found myself skilled enough to join Maharlika to become a regular columnist. In addition, my editor also gave me some writing jobs which gave me additional earnings for my meager income. But just two weeks back, I was told that I had to stop one aspect of my job and that meant losing say PhP5,000 from my monthly wages.

I prayed then and asked God’s help. And his answer was immediate. Barely a day passed when I was given another writing job and my wages were given back.

This is how God answers our prayers. He is omnipresent and knows what to do when we are in dire straits. All we need to do is to have faith in Him and He will do the rest. (ai/mtvn)

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