Gordon refutes critics of ‘motorcycle crime prevention’ law

Gordon refutes critics of ‘motorcycle crime prevention’ law

By Ernie Reyes

MANILA — Senator Richard J. Gordon today reiterated that the law he authored seeking to

prevent the commission of crimes by motorcycle-riding suspects does not impose

double metal number plates, or maliciously referred to as “doble plaka,” on every


Gordon, who chairs the Senate justice and human rights committee, said

Republic Act (RA) 11235, or the MOTORCYCLE CRIME PREVENTION ACT, is meant to

protect motorcycle riders and potential victims of crimes by so-called “riding-in-


“The law seeks to protect the general public, including motorcycle riders, from

crimes committed using motorcycles as a getaway vehicle, such as extrajudicial killings,

and to give justice to the dead men who can tell no tales,” he said.

“Let’s not poison the minds of our people with misinformation and

disinformation, and use the intent of the law as political propaganda to fuel any

misplaced ire of our motorcycle riders whose safety is our paramount concern,” he


Aksyon Demokratiko presidential candidate and Manila Mayor Isko Moreno has

earlier reportedly referred to RA 11235 as “Motorcycle Prevention Act” which he

claims only discriminate against motorcycle riders.

“This is a misnomer because if one would carefully peruse the law’s

implementing rules and regulations does not impose a metal number plate in the

front of the motorcycle,” Gordon clarified.

“Sticker o decal number plate ang ilalagay sa harapan ng motorcycle, hindi po

metal number plate. This is obviously fake news meant to gain brownie points

among motorcycle riders. Let’s not use this law as political propaganda,” he added.

Signed into law by President Duterte in March 2019, RA 11235 seeks to impose

bigger, readable, and color-coded number plates and identification marks to secure

and safeguard the public from crimes committed with the use of motorcycles. (ai/mtvn)

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