Youth group urges Gordon to arrest Rose Lin and Krizle Mago

Youth group urges Gordon to arrest Rose Lin and Krizle Mago

By Ernie Reyes

MANILA — A youth group called on the Senate Blue Ribbon Committee, chaired by Senator Richard Gordon, to order the arrest of Rose Nono Lin and Krizle Mago, executives of Pharmally Pharmaceutical Corporation for demeaning the integrity of the Senate over their fantastical and perjured remarks during various Senate hearings.

“It is our most respectful view that the committee’s arrest order should also include Ms. Rose Nono Lin, as she has shown great disrespect to the committee in the manner that she had been responding and evading questions of the Honorable Committee,” Patricia Racca, SPARK Secretary General, said in a letter addressed to Gordon.


The group took particular issue with Lin’s claims regarding her ownership of luxury cars, which Lin had claimed were purchased by her husband, a car enthusiast.

Lin and her husband, Chinese businessman Lin Weixiong, are allegedly tied to Michael Yang, a former economic adviser to President Rodrigo Duterte, and also a key personality in the Pharmally deals.

“Natagpuan ko po ‘yan sa garahe po namin dahil hindi po ako mahilig sa sasakyan. Okay na

po sa akin basta po tumatakbo at may masakyan po ako papunta po sa opisina,” Lin said in a Senate probe last November 4.

“It is our position that these statements should not go unpunished, as these outlandish claims demean the integrity of the Honorable Committee and the Senate,” Racca responded in SPARK’s letter.

Perjured remarks

Racca also demanded the prosecution of Krizle Grace Mago, also a Pharmally executive, who had admitted in a now-recanted statement that her company had swindled the government. The group believes that it is still in the best interests of the taxpaying public to pursue an investigation of Mago and if deemed has probable cause be issued an arrest order as well.

SPARK commended the committee’s courage in already enforcing the arrest of Pharmally executives Linconn Ong, Mohit and Twinkle Dargani, among others.

Committee chair Gordon stated in an interview last December 7 that there was no need to wait for the next administration to take office to get justice as “the evidence is so overwhelming.”

But Racca called on Gordon to make good on his word and extend the arrest order to all wrongdoers, including Lin and Mago.

“The committee’s initial arrests were a positive first step, but we will not rest until all those who swindle the Filipino masses are held accountable,” Racca concluded. (ai/mtvn)

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