Eleazar commits to support renewable energy policies in his legislative agenda

Eleazar commits to support renewable energy policies in his legislative agenda

By Tracy Cabrera

MANILA — Heeding to the call for drastic action in addressing climate change, former Philippine National Police chief Gen. Guillermo Eleazar lauded the Energy Development Corporation in its efforts to steer the Philippines to a regenerative future anchored in investing renewable energy rather than utilizing fossil fuels that degrade our planet’s ecosystem.

As such, Eleazar committed in his legislative agenda policies that would promote the use of renewable energy and push for a parallel initiative to the global campaign of lessening greenhouse emissions.
“We are running out of time,” environmentalists and ecology warriors have repeatedly warned and it reminds world leaders that climate change is upon humanity and the time to act is now. “Doing just a little may not be enough anymore—drastic changes must be done to make sure the next generation has a livable planet to inherit. One huge step that government, businesses, and private individuals can start doing is to invest in renewable energy (RE), specifically power generated from geothermal, the most reliable form of green power,” Eleazar opined.

And this is where the Energy Development Corporation (EDC) has come in and with over 40 years in the industry, EDC has used its expertise toward building a future that is less reliant on carbon emissions, all while maintaining a healthy financial position and strong corporate social responsibility programs.

Eleazar lauded EDC for this commitment to generate clean power that empowers its communities by training them to take care of the forests in its geothermal areas, which is crucial to sustaining the geothermal resource.

“A baseload source of clean energy that relies on lush forests and communities to help take care of them—or what EDC refers to as Geo 24/7–makes this power source a win-win solution to our climate crisis and our recovering economy. The good news is EDC has committed to continue harnessing this indigenous power from the heat of the earth as the world’s largest vertically integrated geothermal producer,” the retired general noted.

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