Gordon alarmed over recent spate of ‘riding-in-tandem’ crime

Gordon alarmed over recent spate of ‘riding-in-tandem’ crime

By Ernie Reyes

RMN Networks photo courtesy

MANILA – Senator Richard J. Gordon today expressed serious concern over the recent spate of crimes involving motorcycle-bound perpetrators, colloquially known as the “riding in tandem.”

Gordon, who chairs the Senate Justice and Human Rights Committee, condemned the latest shooting incidents involving high-profile victims.

“We cannot allow ourselves to just concede the enactment of what may be called symbolic laws, treated as mere advice; treated as mere hortatory urgings, rather than as imperative commands,” he said in a privilege speech.

“The failure to implement results in lost lives, lost taxpayer money, and lost lives. It also engenders a lack of respect for the laws,” he added.

Philippine National Police statistics reveal the staggering cost of the failure to uphold the rule of law. Unabated killings perpetrated by riding-in-tandem can be traced to 19,277 crimes committed by motorcycle riding criminals from the calendar year 2016 to January 2021; of those 19,277 crimes, 7,123 are murder.

A total of five people has reportedly been victimized by riding-in-tandem killers last week, including politicians, doctors, and journalists. (ai/mtvn)

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