Andi Eigenmann defends fiancé Philmar Alipayo against accusations of stealing donations

Andi Eigenmann defends fiancé Philmar Alipayo against accusations of stealing donations

MANILA—Andi Eigenmann cried foul when his fiancé Philmar Alipayo was accused of stealing donations for the typhoon Odette victims in Siargao.

Philmar and Andi’s family are in Manila when typhoon Odette hit Siargao last week.

In her Instagram stories on December 20, Andi explained that Philmar brought his own boxes of food and essential items to Siargao from Manila.

Philmar was able to go to Siargao when he volunteered to join the relief operations of an airline company.

Andi explained(published as is): “@chepox just got back to Siargao and left me and the kids behind with a heavy heart in order to go and see our family and see what more we could do to help.

“When he got a seat on the @sunlight_air as a volunteer, we also asked beforehand if he was allowed to bring some boxes with him so he could readily bring food and other essentials to his family and our loved ones there. They said yes!

It is very sad to know that he is being accused of stealing donations when he even specifically ignored his chance to use his platform to ask for them, since he’s more than willing to use his own money just to help our community out.”

Andi did not mention who accused Philmar of stealing donations. But she stressed that their accusations against Philmar is not true.

Although Philmar is basically a simple person, Andi pointed out that he has his own financial means to help his family and other victims of typhoon Odette in Siargao.

Andi continued:(published as is): “Just so hurtful that it always seems to be so hard to believe that my fiance has his own money to spend, too, because he works to earn it.

“Now with some, he is still the same simple man who doesn’t really need much. Just for his kids to have a good life.

“Which is why it isn’t hard for him to share his blessings to HIS HOME.”

While the actress is worried about her fiancé, she said Philmar is already used to any problems in life.

“Before he left I kept telling him to take care. And he kept assuring me he will be ok by saying, ‘Mahal, I am used to having nothing. We are used to having no bed to sleep on, no aircon, no purified water, no proper food to eat. I WILL BE OK.'”

In Andi’s another Instagram story, she made it clear that it was not the airline company which accused Philmar of stealing donations.

She just mentioned this to make it clear that the airline allowed her fiancé to bring his personal boxes of food and essential items.

Andi and Philmar’s house in Siargao was also destroyed like the roof which was made of nipa thatch, but the concrete foundation of their house stood against the storm.

However, most of the neighboring provinces were devastated by typhoon Odette including loss of houses and livelihood.

Siargao island suffered the most of the typhoon’s fury leaving 375 people dead according to the death count of the Philippine National Police as of yesterday.

Other showbiz personalities were also affected by the typhoon in some parts of the Visayas and Mindanao like Slater Young, Sunshine Guimary and Tom Rodriguez.


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