NoCot cops hailed for nurturing 4 abandoned kids

NoCot cops hailed for nurturing 4 abandoned kids

COTABATO CITY – Two lady cops in Libungan, North Cotabato have been getting praises both on social media as well as from friends, acquaintances, and neighbors for their humane acts.

On Tuesday, Capt. Razul Pandulo, Libungan police chief, said Tuesday he was proud of his subordinates — Senior Master Sgt. Analie Queen Alanis and Cpl. Kristine Grace Ulep, who both took turns in taking care of four abandoned children during the past two days.

The children, aged eight, six, five years old, and three months old, were left unattended by their parents in front of a church in Libungan following a marital quarrel.

“They abandoned their children on Saturday night, December 25,” Pandulo said in a radio interview.

He said residents near the church alerted the police station located about 500 meters away about the abandoned children.

“The children were visibly hungry and exhausted when police arrived and rescued them,” Pandulo said.

At the police station, the two lady cops took turns in providing “motherly care” to the four innocent souls inside the police station.

The lady cops were staff members of the Libungan Municipal Stations’ Women and Children’s Protection Desk.

Police officers also gathered foodstuff and other items, medicine included, for the children.

Pandulo said the police later found the parents who admitted that they have marital quarrels.

On Monday afternoon, the children were turned over to their parents, with the police coordinating with village officials to keep an eye on the family to ensure the safety of the children.

Food provisions and toys for children were also sent to the family whose identities and the village they reside in were not mentioned in the report to protect their privacy. (PNA)

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