Pinoy  sisig, adobo among ‘100 Best Dishes in the World’ in 2021

Pinoy  sisig, adobo among ‘100 Best Dishes in the World’ in 2021

MANILA—It is surprising to know that two Filipino dishes —-sisig and adobo—are included in the list of “100 Best Dishes in the World” by Taste Atlas this 2021.

Taste Atlas is an online international database which promotes local culinary culture of different countries. Our famous adobo got 4.3 stars ratings to be in the 81st slot.

Taste Atlas even mentioned adobo as the “closest thing to a national dish in the Philippines.”According to the website, “The combination of these ingredients [browned chunks of meat (usually pork and/or chicken, sometimes seafood), mixed with white vinegar, soy sauce, bay leaves, garlic, salt, sugar, oil, and black pepper] is left to simmer over low heat, resulting in succulent, juicy, and tender ingredients covered in thick, rich, and savory sauce.

“Adobo got its name from the Spanish word adobar, meaning marinade or pickling sauce.”

The website also mentioned that there are different varieties of the adobo dish —spicy,  regular, with sauce or dried.

Other ingredients can be added like onions, ginger, lemongrass, chilli, and coconut milk.

Sisig gets higher rating than adobo

The popular Kapampangan dish sisig got 4.4 stars ratings.

It has a higher rating than adobo because it landed on the 72nd slot.

“Originally, sisig had no meat in it, and was first described in a 1732 Kapampangan dictionary by Fr. Diego Bergano as a salad consisting of guava or green papaya,”  Taste Atlas described.The website added, “The name of the dish is believed to derive from the word sisigan, meaning to make sour.

“It was used as an early remedy for nausea and hangovers because its sour flavor was considered a vomit suppressant.”

Sisig is a favorite viand of many Pinoys especially as a snack that goes well during their drinking sessions.

The ears, cheek and the jaw part of the pork are grilled then sliced into very small pieces. It is seasoned with salt, vinegar, pepper and other condiments. Then it is mixed with onions and chilli. Others include chicken liver at times. An egg is cracked on top of it and then serve hot. For additional taste, mayonnaise is whipped with chicharon on the side.

The first on the list of the website is the cochinita pibil of Mexico.

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