By Arwen Pascua

The regulation of firecracker use, with some local government units implementing a total ban, has greatly contributed to a safer revelry to welcome 2022.

The Philippine National Police (PNP) thanked the local chief executives for prioritizing the welfare of their constituents during this extraordinary time.

The crackdown on the illegal sale and use of firecrackers resulted in the arrest of 31 individuals with the confiscation of their products worth more than P1.5 million.

“Generally, 2022 was greeted with caution backed with the necessary information on how to avoid accidents at this important occasion,” PNP Chief Dionardo Carlos said.

Although some residents couldn’t help but proceed with the traditional lighting of firecracker and pyrotechnic devices, these were done in accord with provisions of Executive Order No. 28 that regulate the use of these products.

Police records show that 88 individuals were injured due to firecrackers from December 16-30, 2021.

Sadly, initial reports showed four stray bullet cases, which are undergoing verification and investigation.

“Certainly, those responsible for this act must face the teeth of the law. We constantly reminded the gun owners to be more discerning since these firearms should only be used for reasonable justification alone, and not a tool for noise making during the New Year,” Carlos said.

But these are isolated cases, the PNP clarifies since the majority of the country still experienced a relatively peaceful New Year.

PNP’s next step is to coordinate with the hospitals and Department of Health to synchronize the data on firecracker-related injuries.

This celebration may have been observed with fewer firecrackers, but this has proven that discipline can still be attained while having this merry-making moment meaningful. (ai/mtvn)

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