Anjo Yllana accuses brother Jomari and gf Abby Viduya  for pocketing his campaign funds

Anjo Yllana accuses brother Jomari and gf Abby Viduya  for pocketing his campaign funds

MANILA—It is disheartening to know that Yllana family welcomed New Year with a dispute concerning money matters.

Actor Anjo Yllana is accusing his brother Jomari and partner Abby Viduya for pocketing his campaign funds. Anjo said that he entrusted them his money which he would use in his bid for representative of the 4th district of Camarines Sur (CamSur).

Jomari is Anjo’s younger brother who is seeking reelection as councilor of Paranaque City.

In an interview with DZRH before New Year, Anjo was still hesitant to reveal the identity of the “lovers” who stole a portion of his money meant for his campaign sorties in the province. Anjo said this is the reason why he is backing out of his candidacy.

Anjo mentioned in his Facebook post on January 1, 2022 that his brother Jomari and his gf Abby stole the money given by his “sponsor” which he will use for his campaign. Anjo event posted on Facebook a photo taken on January 1, 2021 where he was with Jomari and Abby.

Anjo started his post on the issue of Jomari’s former partner and also Abby’s former husband.

A portion of his post stated: “I decided to talk to a lawyer and to file a case against Jose Maria Yllana and Abby Viduya who misled me and stole my campaign funds.

 “Ayoko na sana but the way he treats his children bothers me, the way the girl left her husband. I am sure cases from both the mother of their kids and the husband will also be filed.”

Asked if Anjo has already talked to his brother, he said he has no plans because his younger sibling has been denying the accusations.

The issue got more serious when their mother started to believe Jomari’s lies. So in his FB post, Anjo dared the lovers to undergo lie detector test at Camp Crame.

Anjo said: “Kung ayaw nila ng court proceedings, simple lang kaming tatlo ni Jomari at Abby, schedule a lie detector test sa Camp Crame, just to prove to my mom I am telling the truth.

“Siguro naman, kung di sila guilty, papayag sila sa hamon ko na ito.

 “I am also doing this for my children who are hurting because I am a forgiving person but Andee Yllana said go for it because maybe she was there when I was going around the 4th district of CamSur, and saw from morning until late afternoon, kahit may hika ako sinipagan ko.”

Anjo has a long post where he stated everything that happened with the money during his sorties at CamSur District 4.

Anjo also mentioned the promised “filing bonus”  to him but he did not mind it anymore since he already backed out of the race.

According to Anjo, his only concern is his mother who still believes in Jomari’s story, that is why he feels it is good for the three of them to go through a lie detector test to know who is really telling the truth.

The following, Anjo has deleted the posts in his FAcebook account, instead he posted this message: “Tired of ranting here. I’ll just see you when I see you.” Again, it was deleted.

A message was sent to Jomari to ask for his statement regarding the accusation but no answer was given. Likewise, a message was sent to Abby thru messenger to no avail.

It is sad to see how siblings Anjo and Jomari would quarrel about money. Both of them are public servants and people look up to them. Their mother could have been the best moderator to her children and this should not have been so publicly announced, particularly on social media.

They should have thought that more than money, politics, family matters first.

While the news of reconciliation between sisters Marjorie and Claudine Barretto delighted the netizens this new year,  Anjo’s dropping a bomb against his brother is so depressing on the first day of 2022. Let’s just hope that they will be able to settle their dispute soon. (ECD/MTVN)

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