Lotlot de Leon unashamed of being an adopted; brother Ian stands by his sister ‘at all times’

Lotlot de Leon unashamed of being an adopted; brother Ian stands by his sister ‘at all times’

MANILA—Actress Lotlot de Leon just expressed her emotions about her being an adopted child.

Lotlot is the adopted daughter of estranged couple Nora Aunor and Christopher de Leon. They also have three other adopted children—Matet, Kenneth and Kiko de Leon. They have a biological son Kristoffer Ian de Leon.

Lotlot stated that she is not ashamed of being an adopted, however, she stressed that she is also a human being who gets hurt.

On her Facebook and Instagram accounts, she posted that adopted children have human rights, too.

In her caption, she stated: “So let’s just put this out here already!

“Yes I am adopted and yes, I am also human!

“I am not a commodity, I am my own person who have feelings too.”

Lotlot said that she is thankful for all that has happened in her life, “because those are what had molded me to be who I am today!”

She even added: “For those who are like me, never be ashamed of where you came from and your story!  

“Continue to live your life because this is 100 percent yours! Love those who truly love you!”

The actress did not explain where her post about her being an adopted is coming from.

But she recently answered a Noranian about her absence and not joining her siblings when they visited their mother Nora Aunor.

It was only Lotlot who was not present among Nora’s children.

The Noranian’s comment was, had Nora not adopted Lotlot, she could not be where she is today. A lot of people know that there have been misgivings between Nora and Lotlot.

Ian stands by her sister’s side

Meanwhile, Ian de Leon commented on Lotlot’s post about those who are adopted.

Ian’s message for his elder sister was so meaningful and he clearly directed his comment to those who belittle adopted children.

Part of his message: “Always remember, what they say or do is a reflection of their own personalities, and that shouldn’t dictate what our state of being should be like.

“Let us not allow external influences take control or change what and who we all are, because no one knows us and our stories but ourselves..”

Ian said that he will remain by his sister’s side in whatever battle she will face. He said, “It is only us that have control and power to what we truly should be.

“I love you so much, te! I will stand by you in everything.”

A Noranian commented and appealed to Ian to act as a bridge between Nora and Lotlot and their family.

The Noranian said: “You can do something na ayusin lahat. . May edad na si AG (Ate Guy) sana THIS TIME MAGING SOLID KAYO!!! PRAYING FOR YOUR FAMILY.”

Ian answered and cleared the situation of their family.  The actor said that they are not perfect people, but they are all “okay.” Ian wants to convey the message that they are just like any normal family.

Ian stated, “FYI maayos naman po kaming lahat, at walang pamilya sa mundo ang walang pinagdadaanang mga gusot sa buhay.


“At hinding-hindi magbabago yan kahit baliktarin mo ang mundo.

“Pinagtagpo kami ng Panginoon dahil may magandang dahilan Siya, hindi lang sa amin, tayong lahat.”

Ian appealed to their fan to be more understanding. He further stated, “ang ‘chismis’ at panghihimasok ng ibang tao ang nagiging dahilan kung bakit lalong nagkakalamat ang relasyon namin bilang pamilya.

“Pairalin na lang natin ang pang-uunawa at pagmamahal.

“Sa totoo lng po, mga chismis, at ibang tao lng talaga ang sumisira sa amin, hindi ang samahan namin sa isa’t isa.

“In God’s perfect time, everything will fall in place. Salamat sa prayers nyo!,” Ian ended.

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