Arraignment of Lolo Narding set February 8

Arraignment of Lolo Narding set February 8

An Asingan Police officer gives food to Lolo Narding during his stay inside the jail.

By Glen S. Ramos

ASINGAN, Pangasinan – The arraignment of alleged octogenarian mango thief in “Lolo Narding Flores” is set for Tuesday, 08 February 2022 the police here said Monday (24 January 2022).

Wendell Ramos’ Team was among the first to  come to Lolo Narding’s aid and gives him cash assistance and a food cart business 

Lolo Narding was jailed for allegedly stealing 10 kilos of mangoes from his neighbor’s tree in Barangay, Bantog, Asingan, Pangasinan and is now temporarily out after members of the Asingan Police Station and other netizens contributed to pay his bail of P6,000.

He was released last Thursday, January 20, 2021.

His case became viral after netizens posted the incident on social media.

Leonardo Flores, 84 years old, has asked for forgiveness thrice from his neighbor, truck driver and quarry worker 52-year-old Robert Hong, for his misdeeds as recorded by the Lupon Tagapamayapa, a body that comprises the barangay justice system in Barangay Bantog.

Hong demanded a payment of P10,000 from Flores as payment for the fruits stolen from his mango tree last April 2021,

“All I wanted from him (Flores) was an apology, but that has yet to happen. I will drop the case if they make a public apology. Just admit they stole from us,” Hong said in a statement

Barangay records showed he got the apology he wanted thrice from Flores, the first on April 26, 2021, during the first Lupon was convened, second was on May 6, 2021, where he reiterated his apology during the second barangay meeting and again apologized during the last Lupon was convened.

“I was forced into this situation. Please forgive me,” was Lolo Narding’s plea as recorded in the barangay’s transcript.

“I will not do it again. Why can’t they forgive me?” Flores asked.

In his latest statement, Flores corrected reports that he was only paid a total of P600 for the 10 crates of mangoes, not P1,000 as earlier reported.

Hong formally charged Flores with theft on May 13, 2021, before the 7th Municipal Circuit Trial Court of Asingan-San Manuel. He also accused Flores of trespassing.

And on January 13, 2022, Asingan police served the court’s arrest warrant on Flores.

James Fernandez, Flores’ lawyer from the Public Attorney’s Office, said Flores is due for arraignment on February 8, 2022, and his client would issue another apology to Hong before the court.

Followers of the cases including netizens have bashed Hong for being inconsiderate and heartless.


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