Chiz says, PH needs harsher penalties vs phishing scammers

Chiz says, PH needs harsher penalties vs phishing scammers

By Ernie Reyes

MANILA — With another scam affecting public school teachers with payrolls in government-owned Land Bank of the Philippines (Landbank), the country should update its laws to impose harsher penalties for online scammers, senatorial aspirant and Sorsogon Gov. Chiz Escudero said.

“Phishing scammers have become bolder and more sophisticated, exploiting the lack of digital literacy among Filipinos. Often, as in the case of Landbank, blame is passed on to the victims of scams who not only have to contend with the loss of money but also with the loss of confidence in the institutions that hold their monthly earnings and hard-earned savings,” Escudero, who once headed the Senate Committee on Banks and Financial Institutions, said.

He said the next Congress should make it a priority to amend the Access Devices Regulation Act of 1998 and the Cybercrime Prevention Act of 2012 to increase jail terms and fines for hackers and scammers, especially those involved in socially engineered schemes such as phishing, smishing (SMS phishing), and vishing (voice phishing).


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