Guerrero’s ‘Minions’ and Vaccine Fear

Guerrero’s ‘Minions’ and Vaccine Fear

Militarization of BoC? I am a civilian, says Commissioner Guerrero, who enjoys the trust of Malacañang. (Photo: Inkl)

Stand and deliver
You let ‘em put the fear on you
Slow down the river
But not a word of it was true
If there’s nothing you can say
There may be nothing you can do

Stand and deliver (twice)
Dick Turpin wore a mask, too

— Last stanza from Eric Clapton’s Stand and Deliver (Source: Musixmatch)

Fourth of a Series

We are still awaiting the names of the alleged military men who have been reportedly hired by Commissioner Rey Leonardo Guerrero in his office at the Bureau of Customs (BoC) for various plantilla and consultancy positions. These ‘minions’ are said to be acting as close-in personnel of the BoC chief who are tasked with specific directives to enhance the agency’s operations, such as prevention and detection of smuggling activities and the apprehension of those involved.

However, although the intentions are good in hiring these people to assist the good commissioner, it turns out that they are reportedly the very ones who are said to be behind the unsavory and unscrupulous deals being processed and completed—this despite President Rodrigo Duterte’s expressed command to rid the bureau of graft and corruption.

Sources within the BoC, among them some friends in the media who are assigned to cover the Aduana beat, hinted that Guerrero’s colleagues in the military are acting as his spies and alter ego to ensure that all of the commissioner’s wishes, advocacies, and policies are complied with “to the letter.”


In this, we try to comprehend the rationalé of having ‘fearsome’ military men patrolling the august halls of the BoC. We ask, can they be Guerrero’s ‘hit men’ who will strike at anyone who disobeys the BoC chief?

And this leads us to the question whether they, too, are actually behind the ‘Death List’ that enumerates 14 (or 13 now) high-ranking officials of the agency, who now fear for their lives after one of them was brutally murdered by a lone gunman who is yet to be identified and arrested.

The truth is that it’s really worrisome to speculate what’s behind all these, but the truth is that it is even more worrisome for those remaing 13 BoC officials whose lives are currently on the line because they could certainly be placed in jeopardy at the whim of our beloved Commissioner Guerrero.

More on this. Abangan…

ENGLISH rock and blues guitarist Eric Patrick Clapton—well-known for his classics Wonderful Tonight, Tears in Heaven, and Change the World—claims that people who receive Covid-19 vaccines are under ‘mass hypnosis’ even as he doubled down on his criticisms of pandemic health safety protocols, arguing that those who are getting vaccinated are victims of “subliminal advertising” by pharmaceutical companies on social media.

In a recent video interview, the 17-time Grammy awardee made the eyebrow-raising claim against Covid vaccines, and in it, Clapton was asked about his decision to team up with Van Morrison—another vaccine skeptic—on the 2020 single Stand and Deliver, which compared Covid-19 lockdowns to slavery.

“Whatever the memo was, it hadn’t reached me,” Clapton said. “Then I realized there really was a memo—a guy, Mattias Desmet, has talked about it. It’s great, you know, the theory of mass hypnosis formation. And I could see it, once I kind of started to look for it.”

And the guitar star has enthused that “has seen it everywhere.”

“I remembered seeing little things on YouTube, which were like subliminal advertising. It’s been going on for a long time—that thing of ‘you will own nothing and you will be happy,” he said.

It seems that Clapton was referring to a concept promoted by Desmet, a professor of clinical psychology at Ghent University in Belgium, which suggests people have been ‘hypnotized’ into believing mainstream ideas about Covid-19 such as testing procedures and vaccinations. Unfortunately (or fortunately), Desmet’s theory has been widely discredited by experts.

Still, belief in Desmet’s argument against vaccines gained momentum after it was discussed by Dr. Robert Malone, another vocal skeptic, in an episode of The Joe Rogan Experience podcast that aired more or less a month ago.

And Clapton also criticized the media for perpetuating what he described as “completely one-way traffic about following orders and obedience”, thus implying that he had channeled his frustrations into music. In addition to Stand and Deliver, he also released an anti-vaccination anthem, This Has Gotta Stop, in August of last year.

At age 76, the rock star has been criticizing Covid-19 vaccines after he had outlined what he described as “disastrous” health consequences on receiving the AstraZeneca jab late last year. As a result, he vowed never to perform at music venues that require proof of vaccinations, but seemingly backtracked on that pledge by taking the stage at New Orleans’ Smoothie King Center―where attendees were required to show vaccination cards or test negative for Covid-19 before entering―in September.

And with that, we now see the benefits of implementing limits to the mobility of unvaccinated individuals in our midst for fear of catching the virus, especially with the presence of the more highly contagious Omicron variant of the severe acute respiratory syndrome-coronavirus 2 or SARS-CoV-2 that causes Covid-19. (ai/mtvn)

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