Catholic clergy hit for abusing pulpit, using it as ‘platform of hateful campaigning’

Catholic clergy hit for abusing pulpit, using it as ‘platform of hateful campaigning’

Presidential Candidate Bongbong Marcos

By Amado Inigo

MANILA — Clearly, the Catholic church has already transgressed the thin line separating church and state.

Although this could also be a clear sign of desperation as the presidential candidate it is supporting is too far out for comfort in surveys.

In desperation, priests and bishops especially one particular archbishop even dumped vituperative words against leading presidential candidate Bongbong Marcos openly on social media.

Late last year, a certain priest also urged Catholics not to hear mass if they are supporting the rock-solid UniTeam BBM-Sara Duterte tandem also using the social media platform YouTube and Facbook.

A known pro-BBM supporter, Anthony Taberna, came to the rescue of Bongbong Marcos and reminded the archbishop not to meddle in politics.

Others, especially netizens, also took turns lambasting the vocal archbishop online who also had to take a dose of his own medicine as other Catholics swore “never again” would they be cowed by the church’s cheap trick at changing their minds towards its favored presidential bet known to have changed colors.

Some even chided and reminded the archbishop and the abhorrent priest they can never be prevented from hearing mass as they can always hear mass online like what they have become wont amid the pandemic.

And seemingly, the Marcos camp — although professing not to “attack” nor to openly “counter-attack” at political rivals and critics — already had enough.

Ang Bongbong Marcos’ chief of staff and spokesman in Atty Vic Rodriguez issued a solemn press statement late Saturday reminding again the clergy’s relentless attacks and transgression against BBM’s presidential candidacy.

“While presidential candidate Bongbong Marcos is calling for unity, we are saddened by the men and women of the catholic clergy who are doing the exact opposite and have abused the pulpit, allowing it to become a platform for hateful and negative campaigning,” Atty. Rodriguez said.

Atty. Vic Rodriguez

“As men and women of the cloth, they should be more circumspect, refrain from openly meddling with politics and stop making reckless imputation or statement that only serves as spiritual, moral, social, and cultural poison.”

Several religious organizations of various denominations have already endorsed the candidacy of Marcos and are expected to deliver solid, favorable votes unlike that of Catholics that remain divided as ever owing to reckless favoritism of the men of the cloth who also had a spat with President Duterte in some issues.

But whatever here is one thing clear.

The camp of presidential candidate and former senator Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. is right now on a roll, maintaining a lofty perch on top of the heap in all political surveys.

The latest of which shows BBM leading by 63% with his closest pursuer holding but a 19% approval or preference card.

And with it, Sorsogon Gov. Chiz Escudero, who is seeking to return to the Senate, said BBM could be in for a landslide victory on May 9, 2022, if he can maintain his impressive approval/preference rating with the electorate.

Also a known Marcos ally, Cavite Governor Juanito Victor “Jonvic” Remulla Jr., earlier promised the UniTeam’s presidential bet 800,000 votes from his constituents. (ai/mtvn)

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