Pacquiao urges Pinoys to ask for God’s guidance in May polls

Pacquiao urges Pinoys to ask for God’s guidance in May polls

Senator Manny Pacquiao and his wife Jinked are prayed over by pastors and members of the Laguna for Jesus Movement at the Grand Harvest Ministries activity center in Los Baños, Laguna. (Photo by Cesar Morales)

MANILA — Noting how crucial this year’s elections are going to be to the future of millions of Filipinos, PROMDI presidential candidate Sen. Manny Pacquiao is urging the electorate to ask for divine guidance in order to be able to choose a leader who would truly serve the people with honesty and integrity.

Speaking before pastors and members of the Laguna for Jesus Movement at the Los Baños Grand Harvest Ministries activity center, the People’s Champ reminded his audience that what is happening in our country today is not normal and this is because of the iniquities committed by most Filipinos that forced God to turn away from us.

Prior to laying out his platform of governance if he becomes president of the Republic, Pacquiao preached about God and His commandments saying it would define his reason in running for the highest post of the land.

“Sa buhay natin at sa anumang situwasyon, una dapat sa ating buhay ang Panginoon dahil siya ang may hawak ng ating kinabukasan at maging ang kasalukuyan,” he said after praying a short prayer which followed a Christian worship song rendered by his wife Jinkee.

In talking about his faith in God, the boxing icon shared the parable of the goat and sheep where he highlighted how someone who assumes he is worthy to go to heaven becomes a hindrance to his relationship with Jesus.

He also recalled how he was asked to choose between supporting divorce and abortion in order to win and to which he replied that he would rather lose than have his belief and principles compromised.

With this in view, he again mentioned how corruption has destroyed the religious faith of Filipinos in following the righteous path.

“Kailangan nating magsisi sa ating mga kasalanan sa Diyos at sa ating kapwa. Kailangan nating hilingin na kasihan tayo ng Panginoong Diyos para makapagdesisyon ng wasto at kung kinakailangan ay mag-fasting tayo kahit tatlong araw para malaman natin ang tamang gagawin at kung sino ang dapat nating iboto,” he said.

“This the right time, our time to make the right choice. Tumatakbo ako para sa Diyos at para sa ating bayan. Gusto kong masimulan ang tunay na pagbabago. Mahigit isang dekada na nakita ko ang korapsyon from high to lowest position,” he added.

The incumbent senator repeated his commitment to clean the country of graft and corruption which he made not to just anyone but to God.

After his inspiring message, pastors and their followers prayed over the People’s Champ and his wife for God’s grace and blessings during which once again tears overflowed in support of Pacquiao’s presidential bid and his genuine love for the Filipino people. (ai/mtvn)

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