FACT CHECK: ‘Len Len’ is MISLEADING as ever

FACT CHECK: ‘Len Len’ is MISLEADING as ever

FACT CHECK: In a statement published by the Philippine Star on March 4, 2022, Leni Robredo denied that her camp is using the Catholic church to campaign for her candidacy and her running-mate Kiko Pangilinan.

“Masyado naman yata ‘yung insulto sa simbahan. Tingin ko, ang simbahan hindi naman nagpapagamit. Ako, ‘yun assessment ko.”

Is it TRUE or FALSE?


A netizen posts on Facebook photos of presidential candidate Leni Robredo and vice-presidential candidate Kiko Pangilinan at the Cathedral Shrine and Parish of the Good Shepherd in Fairview, Quezon City with the caption, “Political campaign inside the Church! Wa Graaabbeee!”

The altar being used as her stage, Robredo can be seen speaking before her supporters who are all sporting pink-colored T-shirts with “LENI for the 2022 Election” printed on them, while her face is on all the screen monitors. There are also Leni-Kiko campaign tarpaulins placed by the altar.

Meanwhile, in another occasion, a video shows another priest, who admits on the pulpit, in Robredo’s presence, that priests are being offered by Leni’s camp to wear pink facemask, although he himself refused it, saying the Catholic church “will not be endorsing someone, but we will be accompanying our people so they may choose based on principles at hindi dahil sa pera.”

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