FACT CHECK: Crowd sparse in Leni-Kiko Bacolod grand rally but curated to look dense

FACT CHECK: Crowd sparse in Leni-Kiko Bacolod grand rally but curated to look dense

MANILA — MTVN fact-checkers on alleged facts but in fact so much “fucked up” returned Sunday afternoon with another report claiming Leni-Kiko’s Bacolod grand rally was nothing but a curated aerial drone shot to make the sparse crowd look dense.

Also, the fact-checkers refuted the crowd capacity of the Paglaum Complex as impossible to hold a crowd of 70K people.

As such, the verdict again was a resounding FALSE!

Take it from them:

FACT CHECK: Did the Grand rally of Leni-kiko Tandem in Bacolod, Negros Occidental got the biggest crowd ever, at 70,000 people?

According to a story published on March 11, 2022 by the Inquirer.Net, presidential candidate Leni Robredo’s rally in Bacolod, Negros Occidental was the largest political rally attended by supporters.

Is it TRUE or FALSE?

Rating: FALSE!

In a previous fact-checking of Maharlika TV of the same event, we cited the total area measurement of the Paglaum Stadium and we showed how it was improbable given the size of the facility.

The Paglaum Sports Complex is a total of two hectares. With a total area of two hectares, including the stage, ringsides, upper and lower boxes, and bleachers, and an estimated 16,000 square meters for the audience, the sports complex could only comfortably hold 16,000 people only, or one person per square meter. Even if, for the sake of argument, we opt to double the figure or at two people per square meter, the total complex could only hold 32,000 people at the most.

If we believe the previous claims of Rappler, ABS-CBN and Manila Bulletin, then it should be logical to say that the Paglaum Arena surpasses in capacity even the biggest indoor events complex in the world — the Philippine Arena in Bulacan, which is almost five times bigger, at almost 10 hectares, and considered as the world’s largest indoor arena. The Philippine Arena, however, can only accommodate 55,000 people at most.

Paglaum also surpassed the 36,500 people capacity Saitama Super Arena in Japan and the 27,000 people capacity Baku Crystal Hall in Azerbaijan in an instant.

The subject at hand is Inquirer.Net’s published article along with a photo showing a crowd of people taken during the grand rally of the Leni-kiko Tandem at Paglaum Stadium in Bacolod, Negros Occidental, which the news outfit also claimed to have been attended by 70,000 supporters of the said candidate.

A netizen Bambit Gaerlan refuted this claim, even deception, of Inquirer.Net by posting a video on his Facebook account. The video shows Gaerlan adjusting the brightness, contrast, and tone of the subject photo through Photoshop.

“Naghanap ako ng photos sa google images using the search phrase ‘robredo rally bacolod’ and three photos ang pinili ko for this demo, It involves the Photoshop levels feature, na kung saan pwedeng ma-adjust ang brightness, contrast, and tone ng isang photo. Eto ang nadiscover ko,” she said.

The gloomy picture gradually brightens that one can now see clearly that the crowd is actually sparse and not dense as it was made to appear in the Inquirer.Net photo. Furthermore, the venue is not even fully occupied. One may also observe that the people are instead converged near the stage where a concert is taking place.

here’s the link of the said post:

link source: https://newsinfo.inquirer.net/1566995/negros-occidental-rally-leads-biggest-crowd-drawer-thus-far-for-robredo?fbclid=IwAR2R1FzpyARvtN_IRXfQW9FZLBgPM8WXweqJnCLUS4ZY0Gy2FmInK2q__sI


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