Digong confirms Leni-CPP/NPA unholy alliance; worries about disruption of elections

Digong confirms Leni-CPP/NPA unholy alliance; worries about disruption of elections

President Duterte

PRESIDENT Rodrigo Roa Duterte on Saturday confirmed earlier reports about Leni Robredo’s ties with the Communist Party of the Philippines-New People’s Army and the possible sabotage of the May 9, 2022 elections.

In an interview with Pastor Apollo Quiboloy, Duterte said “the government has been on the lookout for the two groups along with another one whose name he forgot.”

“Itong mga Dilawan tapos… I forgot the other one. ‘Yan ang ano ng gobyerno. They’re watching for that kind of situation,” he said.

Although Duterte assured that he will not allow any group to disrupt the polls, he said, “I cannot guarantee you that it will be peaceful. There will be one or two or three, and even [here in] Mindanao.”

The President’s revelation affirmed the earlier declaration of Sen. Panifilo “Ping” Lacson that there is indeed an unholy alliance between Robredo and the Left, which will culminate in a coalition government once she wins in the elections.

“This is worrisome. A coalition government with the CPP-NPA-NDF will set back the gains of the government’s efforts to end the country’s decades-old insurgency problem,” Lacson said in his Twitter.

Even former ambassador Roberto Tiglao, who was a former Manila-Rizal CPP chief, verified Robredo’s link with the CPP, saying the Reds “have actually made an earlier statement that is only a bit short of calling her the ideal president for the country, which therefore it is supporting.”

“As the election campaign heats up, large rallies supporting Leni Robredo are gaining ground across the country, bringing together the people’s anger against the Duterte regime’s fascism, corruption and treachery,” Tiglao quoting the March 7 editorial of the CPP’s newspaper Ang Bayan in his column in Manila Times.

The veteran columnist added that rallies have been the forte of the communists, “having done that for over 40 years and the CPP statement is its message to Robredo, that they have much to contribute to her tack now of portraying that more and more Filipinos are supporting her.”

Duterte’s declaration and Tiglao’s revelation bolstered the claim of Cavite Rep. Jesus “Boying” Remulla that those who attended Robredo’s rally in Gen. Trias “look like activists” and those who joined were paid P500.

The President, however, said that he “will not allow terrorism dito sa eleksyon, I will not allow violence. Kampanya lang kayo (I will not allow terrorism during the elections. I will not allow violence. Just campaign).” (ai/mtvn)

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