Challenges to BBM’s Presidency *

Challenges to BBM’s Presidency *

People had lost trust in governance. Getting back that trust, instilling a sense of hope and belief that good governance and development would be back on track, is my biggest achievement.
— Uttar Pradesh chief minister Yogi Adityanath

IF former senator Ferdinand ‘Bongbong’ Marcos Jr. (BBM), the pro-Duterte Uni-Team’s standard-bearer, is declared winner in the forthcoming presidential derby, he will be facing a host of challenges and problems that includes an ongoing pandemic, unemployment, economic distress, and prevalent corruption in government among several others that if they remain unattended could spell disaster for millions of despairing Filipino families enslaved in abject poverty.

And if surveys are believed, Marcos Jr. is bound to achieve a runaway victory on May 9, with perhaps at least 58 percent, or more than half of the electorate.

As candidates woo voters in campaign sorties, most of them are now spending time mocking and demonizing each other in a bitter rivalry of showing who could address the country’s woes for the welfare of the masses.

In what could be his first public action—when he assumes office in June (the current year) as the 17th president of the Republic—Marcos Jr. will have to face and respond to a recessive situation that has brought the Philippines down to its knees.

If he wins the polls, BBM is expected to rule during exceptional times that call for an extraordinary government. In times of catastrophes, such as the current coronavirus pandemic, the conflict between Ukraine and Russia, the never-ending poverty, joblessness, and all its economic and social repercussions, sound public governance matters more than ever.

And as Covid-19 forces national economies to slow to a near-halt and life is stripped down to its essentials, we see the purposes of government.

We hope that Mr. Marcos Jr. truly realizes that good governance plays a crucial and critical role in the Philippines’ immediate responses and this will continue to be significant both to the recovery and to building the so-called “new normal” once the crises have passed.

And as the primary bearer of the responsibility to govern, the incoming president and his administration are required to provide political, social, financial, and economic guidance and services to their people.

Lessons emerging from the pandemic during the start of the same demonstrate that without capable, accountable, inclusive, and participatory governance that effectively addresses contemporary and emerging challenges such as pandemics, resolutions to problems and concerns will remain a pipe dream.

From a mindset of crisis to opportunity, the new president must continue to exert diligent efforts to help our citizens be alleviated from the effects of the cataclysm it has endured and is still enduring. One example is how our agricultural sector was given a vital chance to be strengthened in its entirety.

So Marcos Jr., when he assumes power, must realize that the Philippines is an agricultural country, and as such, we have rich land, natural resources, and hardworking farmers. Hopefully, the haunted ‘Son of the North’ possesses a character that is for the people, and his selfless dedication in making sure that the agricultural sector is well-taken care of could pave the way for significant contributions to the betterment of our countrymen and to our country at large.

Agricultural modernization will help us to achieve the rise of income and make our poor farmers productive in the long run. By making our farmers sustainable, local communities will thrive and ultimately provide equity through our farmer’s export market participation.

With BBM, the agricultural sector, they say, is in good hands and then Filipinos know there is hope that our country will continue to strive. We just pray that Marcos Jr. will remain steadfast to guarantee that he will provide the good governance the Filipino people deserve.

Like a phoenix rising from the ashes, the Philippines will ascend to its greatness again. (ai/mtvn)

(* The views expressed in this column are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official editorial position of Maharlika TV News.)

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