Leni-Kiko Isabela grand rally 10K attendance claims ‘FAKE NEWS!’ — Leni supporter

Leni-Kiko Isabela grand rally 10K attendance claims ‘FAKE NEWS!’ — Leni supporter

MANILA — They did it again, and almost got away with it, blasted by no other than a supporter of their own who debunked the 10,000 attendance claims by Ka Leni’s camp of their Isabela swing as FAKE NEWS!

And so our indefatigable MTVN fact-checkers matter-of-factly double-checked and re-checked and delved deeper into the veracity of their claim.

Here goes:

FACT CHECK: Around 10,000 supporters attended the Leni-Kiko tandem’s grand rally at Isabela, Cagayan.

Rappler reporter Mara Cepeda and the Manila Bulletin both published recently a claim that around 10,000 people attended presidential candidate Leni Robredo’s sortie in Isabela.

Is it TRUE or FALSE?

Rating: It is FALSE! FAKE NEWS!

Maharlika TV fact-checkers learned that Cepeda and Bulletin’s figure is far from the truth.

Philip Ceasar Cadabuna, a pro-Leni supporter and the photographer hired by the Robredo camp during its Isabela sortie, belied their claim that there were 10,000, others even saying there were 20,000 up to 40,000 people who attended the event.

Cadabuna, though a Leni-supporter, contradicted them, further saying that it is impossible.

Cadabuna said that the crowd at the Isabela sortie were actually only at 4,000 to 5,000 people.

He based his count on the photos he had taken of the event and on the capacity of the venue.


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