Rey PJ Abellana retracts “one-night stand” story about Tom Rodriguez after Carla’s call

Rey PJ Abellana retracts “one-night stand” story about Tom Rodriguez after Carla’s call

MANILA—Rey PJ Abellana backed down from his statement that his son-in-law Tom Rodriguez had a “one-night stand” that caused the problem in his relationshop with his daughter Carla.

In a report on 24 Oras of GMA News this Tuesday, March 15, Rey suddenly retracted his first confession about the marital problem of his  daughter and his son-in-law.

He said: “At first, may nakarating po at nalaman ni Carla na may issue na one-night stand na involved si Tom.

“Si Tom naman was already able to explain kay Carla na wala naman pong katotohanan ito at naiwasan naman din niya na mangyari yun.

“So, wala pong natuloy na one-night stand according to Tom’s side naman.”

According to Rey, he was not able to explain this during his interview conducted by veteran showbiz writer and anchor Cristy Fermin in her program Cristy FerMinute.

He said,  “So, yun po yung scenario ng issue na one-night stand. Napa-shortcut lang po, napa-abrupt lang po pagkasabi ko kay Nanay Cristy na, you know, na napag-isipan ng masama.”

However, this was not his first statement in the interview.

When the issue on infidelity was talked about, Rey revealed about Tom’s “one-night stand.”

He carefully stated, “Nay, honestly speaking, hindi po natin maku-consider na third party, e, ang sitwasyon.

Kasi po, ang pangyayari ay one-night stand, e. So, hindi natin kinu-consider yun na third party.”

In the same interview, Rey said that as a man, temptations  cannot be avoided.

 “Inaamin ko na lang, bilang ako lalaki ako, ako, way back, nangyayari din po ‘yan sa akin. E, medyo normal na ‘yan sa buhay ng mga lalaki.”

That is why he understands Tom. “Opo, opo, kaya naintindihan ko po ‘yan.

“E, nangyari sa tukso ay hindi po mortal sin. Para sa akin, you know, bilang isang tao, natural na tao lang po ang nangyayari sa mga ganyang bagay, natural sa buhay ‘yan, e, di po ba?”

Rey did not state in detail  on when Tom’s “one-night stand” incident happened and who was the girl involved.

Rey confesses that Carla was mad

In his interview with 24 Oras, Rey revealed that his daughter Carla phoned him when his story became a hot issue about Tom’s “one-night stand.”

He said that Carla became mad at him because of the things he said during the interview.

Rey stated, “She was mad, she was questioning me why I came up that way.

In an earlier report Rey said that Carla told him not to talk about her marital problem to the press so that it would be blown out of proportion, which it really did.  

“Of course, I explained it to her right away, and after my explanation, explaining my side, hindi na naman siya nag-message na uli.”

Meanwhile, Rey shared that Tom really wants to be reconciled again with Carla.

He said, “When he came over to talk to me and explain his side, he would cry along his explanations and everything, and he keeps on saying na he wants his wife back. He wants Carla back because he loves Carla very much that’s why they settled down.”

Tom and Carla were married on October 23, 2021, after seven years of being sweethearts.

But after three months, in January 2022, news broke out that the two have parted ways.

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