Karolina Bielawska of Poland wins Miss World 2021

Karolina Bielawska of Poland wins Miss World 2021

Twenty one year-old Karolina Bielawska of Poland was declared winner of the 70th Miss World in a coronation night held Wednesday, (March 16 AM, Philippines time) at the Coca-Cola Music Hall, San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Bielawska’s win was a surprise to many because the second runnerup Olivia Yace of Cote D’Ivoire was an early favorite and reports said she was always winning during the preliminaries.  Miss USA Shree Saini was declared first runner-up.

The Top 6 was composed of Carla Yules of Indonesia, Karolina Vidales of Mexico, and Anna Leitch of Northern Ireland.

The Philippines bet Tracy Maureen Perez made it to Top 13 along with Do Thi Ha of Vietnam, Andrea Aguilera of Colombia, Khadija Omar of Somalia, Karolína Kopíncová of Czech Republic, April Benayoum of France and  Manasa Varanasi of India.

Poland is currently being praised by the whole world for accepting more than one million Ukranian refugees who have fled their country when the Russian invasion started on February 24.

There were speculations that this could have been the possible reason why Bielawska was declared Miss Miss World 2021.

English singer  Peter Andre and Mexican singer Fernando Allende were the hosts of the 70th Miss World, which was shown live in the Philippines via streaming site  UPSTREAM.ph.

Miss World 2013 Megan Young was missed as host of  Miss World because many felt that Andre failed to deliver well in his hosting job.

The Miss World Organization was able to save a lot in their budget because they did not invite performers as they let Allende sang and Miss World 2020 Toni-Ann Singh who almost held a mini concert.

But definitely, Singh’s family name has nothing to do with the song “The Prayer” which she rendered in the Candles in the Dark tribute of 70th Miss World to Ukraine.

Before Singh rendered her song number, a video of Miss Ukraine World 2016 Oleksandra Kucherenko was shown as she spoke of the situation of her country which is being invaded forcefully by Russia.

In her message, Kucherenko said: “Today, I woke up at 5 to the sound of bomb explosion nearby. I pray to stop this war. I pray that children won’t die under fire anymore, that women won’t hide in shelters and men won’t suffer on the front.

 “I pray that we, Ukrainians, would live a peaceful life on our native land.”

Then, this was followed by Singh’s song “The Prayer”, which was good at the start but the audience was noticeably irked by her voice. They were worried that Singh might not be able to hit the high note.

Singh rendered another song  “Never Enough”  the original soundtrack from the 2017 musical drama movie  The Greatest Showman, to honor  Julia Morley, the chairman and CEO of Miss World Organization.

But the bored viewers complained about Singh’s second song that they asked whether they were watching a concert or a beauty pageant.  There were even comments like “Shut up!” and “It’s enough!”

The Miss World 2021 finale looked like it was an amateur presentation because the members of the production staff were seen passing in front of the cameras and it was obvious that there was a lack of coordination in every segment of the program.

In the 70 years of Miss World, the Philippines got the title only once and this was in 2013 when our very own Megan Young won the Miss World crown. (ecd/mtvn)

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