Value Engineering With A Heart: Safe, Fast, Economical

Value Engineering With A Heart: Safe, Fast, Economical

By Junex Doronio
March 17, 2022

PARAÑAQUE CITY — Many may not have heard of “Value Engineering” at all but it is in this new field of discipline where a Civil Structural Engineer has suddenly found himself in his search for solutions to the rising prices of conventional housing.

The search brought Engr. Bow Moreno to the tedious process of sorting out the prices of construction materials in various combinations and assessing their total optimum value to a person constructing his own house or building at the least possible time and cost.

The focus is what Moreno calls “value engineering” through which he has succeeded in designing a system that can build and finish many buildings fast, safe and economical.

Moreno calls his value-engineered design “Bow Building System” (BBS), the backbone of which is the earthquake-resistant steel system.

“BBS can save you thousands, if not millions of pesos,” Moreno assured.

Moreno’s design and build proposition is professionally warrantied by at least 15 years, certified and notarized in black and white.

“You see, the secret of ‘Bow Building System’ (BBS) is in the fast, efficient and economical construction of a light but very durable building from improvisation and right combination of materials that provide optimum value to the end-user at the least cost,” Moreno said.

One of his ongoing projects is owned by a multi-purpose cooperative. Lucky for the coop members because Moreno is an advocate of cooperativism and he supports people who help themselves. He is even open to pro bono professional structural consultancy services to churches, foundations, and other charitable institutions.

For more information on “Bow Building System” (BBS), Engr. Moreno can be reached at tel. no. 8820-8093, email address: and (ai/mtvn)

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