Robredo funders backing out as her numbers continue to nosedive

Robredo funders backing out as her numbers continue to nosedive

MANILA — The ranks of Leni Robredo’s supporters and funders are slowly decimating because of sudden withdrawals as her numbers continue to take a nosedive barely 51 days into the May 9 elections.

A personal secretary of a Taipan based in Binondo who has knowledge of her employer’s dealing with Robredo’s campaign team said her boss “has given her instructions to stop receiving calls from them, especially those from the “Kakampink Headquarters” in Katipunan, Quezon City.

“My boss instructed us to stop all communications with Robredo’s people because, in his own words, we are just wasting our time and money,” the secretary said, adding that her employer had supported Robredo’s vice presidential bid in 2016.

A veteran reporter who was with Robredo’s media team bolted out last week and subsequently offered his services to Lito Banayo, campaign manager of Isko Moreno, saying, “their (Robredo’s) campaign is in disarray because the money stopped coming and the big spenders are having second thoughts.”

“Their war chest has slowly drained and the funds are now becoming an issue. They started their campaign early and they have spent a lot on social media and ads. Now money is becoming hard to come by,” the reporter said.

He said Robredo’s spending has peaked while her funds are dwindling “because there is a lot of spending on the side, like vote-buying, collateral funds being disbursed for the invitation of people who would join the rallies, and budget for PRs and demolition jobs.”

“Some supporters are backing out now because they can sense that there is no way for Robredo to overtake the lead of rival Ferdinand ” Bongbong” Marcos considering his commanding lead in all the surveys and the proximity to election time,” the source, who is also known to have joined other presidential campaigns in the past, said.

He added that the reported coalition government that was “hatched” by Robredo and the Communist Party of the Philippines and the threat of unbridled unionism are “scaring off the funders as well, who are mostly businessmen.”

“The declaration of President Duterte that there is an unholy alliance between the “Dilawans” and the Communists have scared the funders big time and they are now trying to veer away from Robredo before it’s too late,” the reporter said.

“Expect Leni and her team to go all out as they wait for the result of the March survey. I heard they are waiting for a reputable survey firm to come up with a result favorable to Leni before launching their biggest PR offensive. Obviously, they wanted to slash Marcos’ lead to a manageable size so they can have elbow room to cheat come election time,” he said. (ai/mtvn)

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