PDP-Laban Cusi-wing endorses BBM presidential candidacy

PDP-Laban Cusi-wing endorses BBM presidential candidacy

Energy Secretary Alfonso Cusi flashes to reporters a copy of PDP-Laban’s official statement endorsing the presidential candidacy of Ferdinand ‘Bongbong’ Marcos Jr. during a press conference in Quezon City on Tuesday morning (22 March 2022).

The Cusi-led PDP-Laban wing said members of the group’s national executive committee signed Resolution No. 26 endorsing BBM’s candidacy whose decision was accordingly made after “careful and exhaustive deliberations.”

“Senator Bongbong Marcos is the candidate whose platform is most aligned with the development program of President Rodrigo Roa Duterte,” the document read. “He is the candidate whose vision of governance is most aligned with PDP Laban’s 11-point agenda,” it added.

Also in the photo are PDP-Laban’s senatorial candidates Dante Marcoleta, Sal Panelo, and Robin Padilla (right, partly hidden)

(Ieshua Jai-ren Asuncion/BENJAMIN CUARESMA/ai/mtvn)

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