Fact check: Raissa Robles declares drone photo of Cavite rally as fake, cites 2018 Indonesian rally as source

Fact check: Raissa Robles declares drone photo of Cavite rally as fake, cites 2018 Indonesian rally as source

MANILA — Journalist Raissa Robles retweeted a drone shot from a 2018 Indonesian rally citing that it was the official drone photo of the UniTeam rally in Gen. Trias, Cavite.

Is this a genuine story or just a fabrication?

Is it TRUE or FALSE?


The number of persons that attended the BBM-Sara UniTeam Grand Rally in Gen.Trias, Cavite on Tuesday, March 22, 2022, cannot be proven by only one or two unverified sources. On Tuesday, the BBM-Sara UniTeam’s official Facebook account published a drone shot showing the huge number of individuals who attended their grand rally held at General Trias Oval.

Various vloggers also came out with live accounts showing real-time audiences and what was going on during the event. The vloggers, who expressed support for the BBM-Sara UniTeam, gave their own account of the event.

In this video by a vlogger Neb Live TV, it can be seen that the people who attended the rally were cheering while rapper Andrew E was hosting the event. The massive crowd was chanting the names of presidential aspirant Bongbong Marcos and running-mate Inday Sara Duterte.

“Totoo and tao dito. Walang photoshop!” the endearing crowd said in unison.

A huge TV screen showing the live footage of the attendees can be seen while Andrew E. was entertaining the crowd.

Several people who weren’t able to enter the venue were also seen in another footage uploaded by Kuya Bok TV.

General Trias Chief of Police Col. Norman Tabaldo Rañon, in an interview with Rappler, said: “100,000 individuals joined the event.”

The area’s maximum capacity was estimated to be between 108,775 and 140,000 people.

Inquirer also uploaded on its Facebook page drone footage of the UniTeam’s grand rally showing that the location and the congregation supporting BBM-Sara were genuine.

Raissa Robles’ citations are in fact false and a humiliation to the journalism profession.

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-Eco Alfaro Turno


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