MANILA — The reputation of journalist Raissa Robles, a Pinklawan supporter and an ardent Marcos critic, is cooked.

The social media is abuzz yesterday after several posts on both Twitter and Facebook came out regarding Robles’ alleged Greenhills shoplifting offense in 2012.

Netizens who were annoyed by Robles’ apparent bias towards the “Pinklawans” came back with their own narrative against her supposed “mental illness,” resulting in the flood of posts of the supposed shoplifting incident on social media, which has now gone viral.

“She was caught in a posh boutique shop somewhere in Greenhills (one of my amiga personally knows the owner of the shop and we have shops in Greenhills din no, so ang news madaling kumalat yan! hahaha!) and her husband only arranged to the owner of the shop not to file charges as an exchange she will undergo a psychiatric evaluation!” @shawshank originally posted on PinoyExhange.

“Gash, is it true that Raissa Robles is a Kleptomaniac? Kaya pala mabilis mag-akusa ng magnanakaw dahil magnanakaw din siya…” @NFA_ricePXer replied.

The post was shared by a certain @benign0, who claimed to be a webmaster of, until it went viral.

In her blog on Inkay’s corner entitled “Pen is mighty, but the hand is faster,” Inkay Garutay wrote, “A nasty rumor is spreading on the Internet about an incident where Raissa was caught shoplifting at the boutique. The small lady could have ended inside a cell had it not been for her husband, who by the way, is a look-alike of Atty. Aguirre.”

“I remember what my lelang used to tell us that lying is bad. “Ang sinunggaling ay kapatid ng magnanakaw.” You can just imagine how worse it can get if a liar and a shoplifter is rolled into one! Que horror, di ba?” she added.

Even Manila Times columnist Bobi Tiglao replied on one of the posts of @SnorLax and asked Robles, “Raissa can you clarify once and for all, were you ever caught shoplifting?@raissawriter”

Blogger MJ Quiambao-Reyes, on her post asked, “Ano na nga yung kapatid ng sinungaling?

An article written by Rosni Nair that came out in The Hindustan Times, one of India’s leading English newspapers, defined “kleptomania” as an impulse control disorder — – the universal criterion for classification of mental disorders – an ICD is a complete lack of behavioral or emotional self-control.

“Kleptomaniacs have tremendous self-loathing and even depression because they are at the mercy of impulses,” said Mumbai-based psychiatrist Dr. Pavan Sonar, who has treated 30 cases of kleptomania. (ai/mtvn)

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