Collantes ‘s Campaign Sorties Focus On Smear Campaigns Against Halili Clan

Collantes ‘s Campaign Sorties Focus On Smear Campaigns Against Halili Clan

Photo shows Tanauan City Mayor Mary Angeline “Sweet” Halili as she receives three accolades in the “Golden Jabs Awards” last month together with OIC-City Administrator Mr. Rizaldrin Epimaco B. Magpantay (right ), and acting City Health Officer Dra. Imelda Bautista (kaliwa). (Tanauan CIO/ El Ogima)

First off, congratulations are in order to our very own City of Colors under the able leadership of Mayor Angeline “Sweet” Halili, for reaping not one, not two, but three accolades from the Department of Health (DOH) Regional Office IV-A for Tanauan City’s highly successful vaccination program against the COVID-19.

Accompanied by OIC-City Administrator Rizaldrin Epimaco B. Magpantay, and acting City Health Officer in Dra. Imelda Bautista, Mayor Sweet personally received the accolades during the “Golden Jab Awards” last month at the Novotel-Manila at the Araneta Center, Cubao, Quezon City.

Tanauan romped off with the (1) “City with highest vaccination coverage C.Y. 2021” award, (2) “City who reached 70% Target Population C.Y. 2021” under the “Great Jab Awards” and (3) the trophy for “LGUs with Best Practices Demand Generation and Communications Strategy during the National Vaccination Day 1&2.”


Robin Padilla said he has a great chance of winning, entering the Magic 12 senatorial slots this coming election because of Muslim support with the help of P-Duterte. If he becomes a senator, he said the committee he would like to handle is no other than the “Blue Robin Committee!”

Because of the tension between Russia and Ukraine oil prices rose again. It’s unfortunate that prices of COVID vaccines rose also!

In South Korea, some nationals say that when people are in crisis, they donated their gold to revive their economy. In the Philippines when some officials needed money, they stole the country’s gold!

Oil prices will rise for the 9th time this week, alluding it to the Russia-Ukraine war. But even before the war oil prices rose already 8 times this year.

Interviews from the presidentiables revealed that they all have programs and projects that will revive the economy and focus on national development and progress. Where will they get the funds? Of course, the newly elected president will have to get loans again from other countries!

Many jobless Pinoys are happy that they will surely have jobs after the elections. Because the campaign promises of all the candidates are to give more jobs!

60 million Pinoys are said to be fully vaccinated now. But, don’t be complacent, because it is still 40 million more to go or people need jabs!

Trade Secretary Ramon Lopez said Alert Level downgrading to #1 in NCR means the generation of 500,000 more jobs for Metro Manilans. Just hope the Alert Level will not be upped again in weeks to come because millions of jobs will be lost again.

US President Joe Biden said last Friday he would nominate Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson to the US Supreme Court, elevating a well-regarded federal appeals court judge who if confirmed, would make history by becoming the first black woman to serve as justice of the Supreme Court.

Tanauan City’s mayoral candidate and former congressman Sonny Collantes in a year-long campaign sortie in different barangays in the city has spewed unstoppable barrages of mouth-lashing hurled against rival Mark Anthony Halili as if trying to destroy the reputation of his opponent via charges without basis.

But netizens know better.

They have high praises for Mark Halili who just shrugged off all the bad words hurled against him by just laying down his platforms and programs during his speeches.

According to netizens, Mark Halili has never said any bad word that can destroy his opponent in all his speeches, because if he will lay down all bad issues against the Collantes couple in their almost three (3) decades of public service, it will take one whole day of speeches.

It can be remembered that for the past four years the Halili clan led by Mayor Sweet and brother Mark has been distributing relief aid to the poor not only in Tanauan but also in the whole 3rd District of Batangas.

The money used by the Halili siblings came from their own pocket during the pandemic and even during the Taal eruptions.

In contrast, the Collantes group is busy, but only now distributing aid yet the money is coming from DOLE’s Tupad and 4Ps which were supposed to be given to those who lost their jobs and really poor people in the midst of the pandemic and not to Collantes’ coordinators and supporters listed by his barangay captain-allies.

The cash distributed by Collantes on his school premises is said to be against the law and the Comelec and DILG should act on this.

In the three decades of Collantes’s reign in Batangas political arena, there is no legacy left by him for the Tanauenos to remember.

Unlike Mayor Thony Halili, who in his only half a decade (5 years) of public service had etched his legacy for Tanauan to be known as The City Of Colors not only in Batangas but even in the whole country as well as internationally.

Mark Anthony Halili has only one prayer, nothing but an honest and peaceful election.

Nine of 10 candidates for the presidential post faced off last Sunday during the debate organized by CNN Philippines and were quizzed on their stance on key issues including the Ukraine crisis, corruption, and pandemic response.

Not including occasional rebuttals, there were few fireworks during the debate which was held before a limited live audience at the UST campus in Manila. Of course, absentee BBM received all the rebuttals because he cannot answer, having been out of the debate.

Pro –Ukraine demonstrations erupted across on Saturday as thousands took to the streets from London to New York to Iran to denounce Russia’s assault on its neighbors. Moscow’s invasion has sparked a global outcry and prompted punishing sanctions from the West, some directed against Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Even in the Philippines, Pinoy human rightists are contemplating holding rallies to join the chorus of condemnation and urge an end to bloodshed spearheaded by powerful countries. In Finland and Switzerland, thousands of people gathered across the country including thousands outside the UN’s European headquarters at Geneva, draped in Ukraine’s national colors of blue and yellow, gathered around the “Broken Chair” – a large sculpture symbolizing the civilian victims of war.

With oil prices soaring amid the armed conflict between Russia and Ukraine, Filipinos must anticipate the cost of living to become more expensive in the coming days, Senator Ping Lacson said people should brace for the impact of the Ukrainian crisis. He added that the president should already be convening members of the economic clusters to discuss ways to cushion the indirect impact on the country of the war in Eastern Europe. Because we have to anticipate its potential effects on our economy, not to mention we are still in the midst of the pandemic and have not fully recovered. It’s true, the president should act now and not later. (AI/MTVN)

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