Doronio bats anew for jury system to ensure swift justice

Doronio bats anew for jury system to ensure swift justice

By Omar Mundo
April 9, 2022

LAPU-LAPU CITY, Cebu – Acknowledging that under the present dispensation the poor people are often punished for the crimes they did not commit, Team Abtik congressional aspirant Junex Doronio has reiterated his promise that — if elected — he will craft a bill that will establish a jury system to ensure “swift justice for one and all.”

“Adopting trial-by-jury will improve the quality of legal justice in the Philippines because the process will be more transparent and speedier, and the jury must be composed of respected men and women in the community thereby reducing delays and eliminating corruption and miscarriage of justice,” Doronio said.

He noted that advanced countries like the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, Australia and India use the jury system.

Doronio pointed out that research shows that the jury system is approaching 1,000 years of use in human government because of its effectiveness.

The Team Abtik founder and congressional bet further explained that under his envisioned jury system, there will be a shift from the current legal court structure headed by a one-man judge to litigation decided by a panel of jury of men and women who are known for their integrity and credibility.

“Under the jury system, threats and bribery will no longer be effective unlike the present justice system in which a judge can be bought or coerced,” Doronio said.

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