‘Ooppss…! Rappler did it again’

‘Ooppss…! Rappler did it again’

Fact Check: Where the story is, Rappler is always there to repost it, apparently for its own political agenda.

Rappler is infamous for reporting bias-based stories. Maharlika TV Fact Check Team has taken and tackled accounts of the many times Rappler embarrassed itself.

One of the embarrassing reports from Rappler is its recent reposting of University of Eastern Philippines (UEP)’s post on what its school grounds looked like after UniTeam used it for their rally on April 8, 2022.

Did Rappler do it again?

Rating: Rappler is reposting MISLEADING stories!

Rappler did it again! Not only has it become infamous for its biased news telling, its CEO, Ressa was also convicted of cyber-libel in 2020.

In a recent repost of Rappler of the UniTeam’s after-event in UEP, it stated:

“The University of Eastern Philippines (UEP), in a Facebook post shared on Saturday morning, April 9, called out the organizers of the UniTeam rally for leaving behind trash from yesterday’s event.”

Three hours after that, UEP updated its story on Facebook, and stated:

“LOOK: Meanwhile, these are the updated photos of the UEP GROUNDS AT THE MOMENT. Thank you to the organizers of the event yesterday for ensuring the cleanliness of the premises of this university.”

Netizens in the comments also posted a statement from one of the organizers of the UniTeam event in UEP held on April 8, 2022. The person said that their clean-up after the event is still ongoing.

The event organizer’s complete statement:

“Maupay na aga sa admin sino na page. Ini na picture na iyo ginpa imod, ongoing pa sini amo restoration and clean up sa venue. Paggikan namo kahapon mga 1:30PM katapos manlimpya sa gymnatorium naghatag po ak instructions saam mga tawo na suyuron a field ngan tagliligid na lugar para mapurot a mga basura. Hasta yana ongoing amo pantanggal sa mga tarpaulin kay maaram kami na within 48 hours magkatanggal ini na amo mga ginpabutang. Nagbayad kami 10k paggamit sa grandstand and 8500 para sa gymnatorium. Dapat ngani kunta naghatag man assistance a UEP sa panlimpyo sa venue kay part man iton sa amo ginbaydan. Dire kunta ak angay magcomment pero medyo malain ini na iyo post. Dire po kami mga iresponsable pag abot sini na butang na pagtaga limpya. Produkto po ak sa UEP sanglit aram ko po a akon responsibilidad bilang sayo sa mga in charge sa amo event kahapon. Hasta yana ongoing po amo panbaklas ngan panlimpyo kun yaun pa man nahisasalin na basura. Salamat.”

Other netizens in the comments also posted photos of men cleaning up the premises used for the UniTeam rally. Some have commented that UEP should have let the volunteers finish their jobs first before posting false information, while others wanted UEP to apologize to UniTeam volunteers.

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Fact check by: Juana Adlaw


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