Robredo lavish spender of public funds

Robredo lavish spender of public funds

Fact Check: Is it true that Leni Robredo is a lavish spender of public funds?

The total travel expenses of the Office of the Vice President (OVP) were more than double the travel expenses of the Office of the President (OP) in 2020. During the said year, Robredo also spent P34.9 million on consultants; while spending P26.5 million in public funds for PR representations and gifts.

Did Leni Robredo spend public funds lavishly?

Rating: Unfortunately for the Filipino welfare, this is TRUE.

The year 2020 was a year of great uncertainty for the whole world. With the alarming rise of the COVID-19, Filipinos along with the citizens of most countries in the world were all stuck in their own homes.

Even public officials refrained from face-to-face interactions but were forced to hold online interviews and meetings. But our Maharlika TV fact-checkers noticed how enormously huge the OVP’s total travel expenses were, more so when we compared it to the amount President Duterte’s office has spent in the same period.

Fact Number 1

In the Official Gazette of the OVP and on the website of the Department of Budget and Management (DBM), it wasn’t hard to notice the big difference between the two highest officials’ budgets for traveling expenses.

Leni Robredo has spent P48,331,000 on travel expenses in 2020 which was more than double Duterte’s total spent for the same purpose which was placed at P22,386,967.51.

Where did Robredo go to have spent P48 million pesos for travel when everybody’s in a lockdown in 2020? To the moon and back, perhaps?

Here’s someone who feeds people with “lugaw” but also spends P14.1 million for Facebook ads alone during the period August 4, 2020, to December 31, 2021, or for four months.

Furthermore, a report from Rappler stated, “The amount (P14.1 million) represented only 12% of her total spending on ads in traditional media from January to September 2021 (P120 million), based on published rate cards.”

Fact number 2

P61,489,000.00 OVP funds were lavishly spent to pay for legal services, project management, and public relations gifts among many others.

Aside from the P48 million just for traveling expenses during the height of the pandemic, here are the other records of Robredo’s spending in 2020:

Professional Services = P34,917,000.00
Representation Expenses = P 26,572,000.00

That is a total of P61,489,000.00 that could have been used to aid Filipinos during the 2020 pandemic crisis.

Robredo’s sense of justice is highly doubtful when she overspends on her travels and spends P26.5 million on PR representations and gifts.

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Fact check by: Juana Adlaw


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