BBM: One Cebu’s endorsement major step in unifying Filipinos

BBM: One Cebu’s endorsement major step in unifying Filipinos

MANILA — Presidential frontrunner Ferdinand ‘Bongbong’ Marcos on Tuesday said the endorsement the UniTeam received from Cebu’s most dominant political party, One Cebu, reaffirms their idea that unity is what the country needs this time.

During the One Cebu Party general assembly held at SM Seaside Convention Hall in Cebu City, the party led by Governor Gwendolyn Garcia has formally endorsed the candidacy of Marcos and his running-mate Inday Sara Duterte.

Calling the tandem the “next president and vice president”, Garcia’s One Cebu and the UniTeam together with One Cebu Island, signed a covenant for their alliance known as “One Cebu UniTeam”.

Marcos expressed hope that the UniTeam can win in the coming election following the endorsement.

“We signed two documents today, one with One Cebu and the other with One Cebu Island to include the three cities, and that for me is extremely significant,” he said.

“That brings me to another realization that this coming together of the UniTeam, of the One Cebu, and of the One Cebu Island is a continuing process now of what we began when we speak unity. Cebu with its great role in our country, for them to join us in this cause we are undertaking of unifying the Filipino people, if you have joined us then that is a significant step,” he added.

The alliance the UniTeam made with One Cebu affirmed that unity is the right thing to do during this time.

“In that, what we are working for when we talk about unity, you have validated and reaffirmed our idea that this is what the times need because if Cebu believes that then it must be of significance to the general thinking of the people,” he said.

Marcos repeatedly thanked the people of Cebu and their political leaders for believing in the UniTeam.

He said the strong force of support has moved the UniTeam process of unifying Filipinos many steps forward which he added is a true victory for them.

“I do not think words are going to be sufficient to thank you all, the political leadership of the province,” he said.

“When you support the UniTeam, when you support the team of Marcos and Duterte, you are not only supporting the candidates, our senators, you are supporting the idea that the Philippines’ way forward is through unity. You have to strengthen the argument, the voice of our people, that we should move in that direction,” he added.

Marcos said Cebu has played an important role not only in the country’s history but also continues to occupy a special place in the political and economic lives of the Filipinos.

“This might be the most significant election that all of us will have in our lifetime because in this election we face a new world and the only way to face it and to prosper is to be unified,” he said.

“The directions that we will take after the election are going to define the Philippines for several generations that is why it is so important that we will face all the challenges that will be coming in the next two years but we must face it as one people, as one country, and once again I thank you for your forward-thinking and understanding that this direction that we have started, the road that we have started to travel is the right road,” he added.

Marcos said the support the UniTeam has been receiving is a great deal of validation and builds up their confidence and re-enforcement of the idea that they have chosen the right course towards unity.

“That is the most important gift that you have given us today and for that, I thank you all very much. I thank you beyond all that, for myself, for Inday Sara, for UniTeam, and most of all I thank you for the Filipino people,” he said. (ai/mtvn)

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