Two-way mayoralty race between Honey Lacuna-Pangan and Amado Bagatsing

Two-way mayoralty race between Honey Lacuna-Pangan and Amado Bagatsing

A latest survey conducted in Manila showed that it is a two-way mayoralty race between Vice Mayor Honey Lacuna-Pangan and former Rep. Amado Bagatsing,.

According to the research of Maharlika TV, incumbent Vice Mayor Honey Lacuna-Pangan still leads with 45.66%, her closest rival former Rep. Amado Bagatsing is fast catching up with 37.08% or only 8.5% away from Lacuna.

As compared to the previous January 2022 research, Lacuna-Pangan losses 16.33%, while Bagatsing gained 11.78.

The other candidates for Mayor are trailing far behind: Alex Lopez has 13.91%, Cristy Lim has 1.5%, Elmer Jamias has 0.15% only.

“It seems, the Mayoralty race is now becoming a two-way race between Honey Lacuna-Pangan and Amado Bagatsing,” the Maharlika TV stressed.

Meanwhile, the survey showed that the incumbent Congressmen will most likely be re-elected in the May 9 elections.

The Maharlika TV survey said Rep. Manny Lopez of District 1 is leading with 39.5% in a three-way race, Rep. Rolan Valeriano of District 2 with a slight edge of 53.25% in a one-one battle, Rep. Edward Maceda of District 4 with a high margin of 82.25% voting percentage, Rep. Crystal Bagatsing of District 5 gaining a 70.25% comfortable lead, and Rep. Benny Abante of District 6 with 76% wide lead.

Only in District 3, wherein the incumbent Congressman Yul Servo opted to seek the Vice mayoralty position, will have a new congressman with Councilor Chua leading the race with 58%.

The survey was conducted to determine the electorate’s preferences for the May 2022 local elections among candidates for Mayor, Vice Mayor and Congressional Representatives in the six districts of Manila.

The research methodology applied was random sampling, a widely used sampling procedure which defines various parameters for the sample population and allots a pre-determined number of samples to represent each distinct grouping in the determination of the total population’s awareness levels and preference selections.

A sample size of 2,400 survey respondents (400 each for the 6 districts of the City of Manila) had been applied, with the survey results multiplied according to comparative ratios determined by the number of registered voters based on the 2022 official COMELEC statistical data.

This survey was conducted through direct personal interviews with respondents from April 1-10,2022 and has a +/-5% margin of error.

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